Car Crash: What To Do If It Happens To You

If you’ve never been in a car crash, it’s hard to understand what may have to come next. Here is a helpful guide to walk you through the process of what to do if it happens to you.

What to Do After a Car Crash

If you’ve been in a car accident, the first thing to do is stop and assess the situation. Check yourself for injuries, check your car for damage, as well as STAY AT THE SCENE. Everything depends upon you staying at the scene of the accident, and knowing what to do afterwards.

First, you will want to call the police if you are able. That way you can have an accurate police report on hand of your insurance company. Not to mention the police will be able to handle any drivers under the influence, as well as those who were severely injured. If you are injured, ask the emergency operator to send an ambulance.

Second, you will want to protect the crash scene. Take pictures on your phone, don’t touch or change anything drastically, and don’t move your vehicle until you are told to do so by authorities.

Third, you will want to exchange insurance information with the other driver, as well as other drivers, if at all possible.


Here are the things you need to know from the other driver:

  • Full name (exchange driver’s license if possible, for accuracy)
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email if possible
  • Type of vehicle they drive
  • License number from vehicle
  • Insurance provider

This will all be extremely helpful when filing a claim with your car insurance.

Finally, you will have your vehicle towed for repairs, or to your home. Once you are home safely, you will want to call your insurance provider and start the process of making a claim.

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If you were at fault, your insurance will cover damages minus your deductible. All in all, if you were not at fault, the other driver is responsible for damages. It is generally very easy to tell who is at fault in a car accident.

However, if there is a dispute, a police officer will make notes in the accident report and your insurance will do an investigation. This process is not always fun, and may take some patience!

How to Describe a Car Crash

There are a few ways to describe a car crash. All things considered, you will need to know the direction the cars were moving, where your car was struck, as well as where you struck the other vehicle.

  • Head On Collision – the front parts of the car crashed together
  • Rear Ended – Someone hit your vehicle from behind, as well as you may hit someone else from the rear
  • T-Boned – Someone hit the side of your vehicle with the front of theirs, and visa versa.

You should also note the time, how you felt immediately after the accident, as well as what the other driver may say to you. This should all be reported as close to the accident as possible in order for the information to be accurate, as well as fresh in your mind.

What Happens if You Crash a Leased Car?

If you are in an accident in a leased vehicle, then the insurance company will reimburse the leasing company instead of you directly. Overall, you may not see your money back for the vehicle. Not to mention lose money from what you already put into the car. Maintaining a lease isn’t always fun, especially if there is an accident.

What Happens if You Crash a Rental Car?

All in all, if you signed the rental car company’s car insurance waiver, or have car insurance yourself, you will be ok financially. You will owe the rental expenses, as well as fees included with the price of the rental agreement. If it was not your fault, then the rental car will be reimbursed through the other driver’s insurance.

However, if you don’t have insurance that covers rentals, or you didn’t sign the rental insurance agreement, then you will be fully responsible. Damages, as well as injuries and repairs will all be on you as an individual.

Dealing with a Car Crash Doesn’t Have to Be Hard!

Whether you were at fault or not, dealing with a car crash is never fun. Once the insurance ordeal is finished, maybe you simply had to learn how to paint your car, or maybe you had to get a new car completely, it can be a hard time. However, it’s how you overcome those challenges that matter! Now you know what to do, as well as how to handle everything after a car crash.


At What Speed Does a Car Crash Become Fatal?

A car accident can be fatal at nearly any speed. However, higher speeds tend to have a higher fatality rate.

What are the Odds of Dying in a Car Crash?

There are a lot of factors that determine the odds of fatality. However, several studies have found that the odds of dying in an accident are one in 103.

How Many Car Crashes Happen Daily?

On average, in the US 102 car crashes happen every day. Numbers are smaller in smaller countries like the UK, where there were 1,784 car crash deaths in 2018. Lybia has the highest accident rate with 73.4 car accidents per 100,000 inhabitants.

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