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How Much Do Body Kits Cost?

Since the very first personalized car, there’s no doubt that the culture of car customization has grown significantly in recent years. This growth is seen not only with the expanding circle of custom car fanatics but also in the way the game has evolved. The number of pieces you can install on your car increased. The […]

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How to Maintain Your Stock Car Between Practice Sessions and Events

Stock car racing is much more than an adventure sport. It involves skill, preparation, and lots of passion. Being passionate about the sports isn’t just about owning a stock car. It also involves maintenance. So, combine your undying enthusiasm with these stock car maintenance tips, and soon, you’ll outperform your records.1. Regular CleaningCleaning you stock car […]

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The Dangers of Driving On A Turnpike

Using a turnpike gets you somewhere fast but it also puts you at risk when you are around other fast drivers, road debris, or driving in bad weather.Common Types of Turnpike Accident InjuriesTurnpike injuries are not that different from any other types of car accident injuries, except that they tend to be more severe because […]

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How Does Rust Form In Your Vehicle And How To Avoid It

Rust is a naturally occurring metallic oxide, which is a usually dark, reddish or brownish substance formed by the interaction of iron and oxygen. It usually happens when metal is introduced to the presence of air or water. Rust can be recognized both visually and by physical examination, and forms under different conditions.  Rust can be […]

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