3 Exterior Car Features To Make Your Car Look Sportier

While we love sporty BMWs and Mustangs, not all of us can afford them. So, we choose to buy those mass-produced cars. 

If you love cars, then there is even a slight chance that you are interested in making your ride look (and even perform) sportier. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, making your car look sporty makes things even more better because it will give you a chance to give your car some personal touches.

The question is, how can you make your car sportier? 

The internet contains a lot of information on how to customize your car and make it sportier. In Instagram alone, you can follow people who share pictures and clips of their ordinary rides that have been converted to look like sports car. Well, you can get ideas from them.

However, the free tips and suggestions can sometimes make it harder for you to decide because of the overloading information. Well, we’re here to talk exactly about that! We will teach you some simplified car upgrade techniques that are worthwhile and of course, can save you money.

The Right Set of Rims Can Make Day and Night Differences

Customizing you car rims is one of the best things that you can do to make your car sportier. The set of rim can actually make or break the way your car's overall looks.

When it comes to choosing the right rims, you have to keep in mind the style of the rims and type of car you drive. For example, the wheels created for muscle cars won’t look good on European vehicles.

If you want to splurge on a really nice set of rims, do some research first. This will give an idea if they are compatible with your car. Car forums is also a great venue to see if someone has already done it or there is a close resemblance.

Make Car Sportier

High-Quality Spoiler Lip Can Be a Great Addition to Your Car

Many of the mass-produced vehicles in the market have a sportier edition so people can have options. Though they don't run faster or perform better, they have some different physical attributes that some people love.

One of the more prominent visual changes is the lip or spoiler that car manufacturers add to their sportier variants and styling.

If your car is new, it's quite easy to get an aftermarket spoiler that suits the design and type of vehicle you own. If you drive a car older than ten years, you can just get an OEM.

Swap Out Any Chrome Parts To Matte Black Ones.

You can easily make the same design and customization ourselves. Many BMW’s have a matte black grill on their more aggressive designs. Well, you can swap yours out for an aftermarket pair, which will only cost you $20 on Amazon.

You can either wrap chrome parts or you can get them professionally painted. Matte-coloured are always available.


You can easily customize your cars to make it sportier. Just equip yourself with the right knowledge before doing so. Go ahead and re-design and personalize your car with the provided above information.

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