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Innovative Safety Features in Upcoming Car Models

Automobiles are fascinating to people. The speed, thrill, excitement, energy, and adrenaline, all of it make them want to get the fastest vehicle in town and take it out on the streets for a spin, especially in a place like Denver, the heart of Colorado. The idea behind it is not always fun, but even to […]

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Top Electric Cars Of 2020

Electric cars are the future. The pressure on car lovers to drop their diesel-powered machines for energy-efficient ones is steadily growing. It is estimated that by 2030 there would be over 18.7 million electric cars on American roads. The question that comes up now for many is one; Which is the best electric car to […]

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Things To Consider When Driving Abroad

Traveling the world by car is an exciting opportunity. But unfortunately, it’s not as romantic as jumping in and driving off into the sunset. Navigating roads in the modern world can be confusing. Crossing borders means new regulations, alternating rules, and extra costs. Making a success of it takes planning and meticulous consideration. Here are some […]

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Everything We Know About Tesla Model 3 2022

esla, an EV company that sold 254,695 vehicles in Q2 2022 and over 3.16B TSLA shares outstanding, has some exciting news for 2021 for its fans. The company has revealed details about its latest offering, which is the 2021 Tesla Model 3.  The 3 sedan is still unsurprisingly the cheapest offering from Tesla but there […]

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