Essential Car Insurance Add-Ons to Consider for A Safe Drive

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Trying to find car insurance add-ons that make sense for you? Read on to find out more!

When choosing car insurance, lots of drivers opt for the most affordable, basic package they can find. That’s a fine strategy if your budget is seriously tight, but if you’ve got a little more wiggle room you could actually benefit from spending a little more and getting extra features as part of your policy as a result.

Of course there are some addons that aren’t all that appealing, so let’s talk about the premium packages that do make sense to consider if you want safety and value combined.

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Protection for Your NCB

If you’ve been driving for a while and you’ve managed to accumulate several years behind the wheel without making a claim on your insurance, you’ll be entitled to the all-important NCB, or no-claims bonus.

This is essentially a discount that applies for customers with clean driving histories, and the more years you rack up, the bigger the savings become for you because of the car insurance add-ons.

Of course as soon as you make a claim, your NCB resets and you’ll pay more for your next insurance renewal; or at least that’s the case unless you pick a policy that includes NCB protection. In this case you’ll be able to make a claim without voiding your bonus, which is obviously attractive if you’ve always been a safe and considerate driver so far.

It’s a good idea to get your free quote today on cheap car insurance deals that come with NCB protection. That way you won’t be left out of pocket if you do get into an accident.

Coverage for Passengers

An entry level car insurance deal will typically only include protection for the car’s driver in the event of a crash, allowing you to claim to cover things like medical expenses and legal fees that result from such an incident.

A comprehensive plan with great car insurance add-ons may also factor in the same provisions for any passengers that are onboard at the time. So if you regularly ferry other people around in your vehicle, whether friends, colleagues or family members, this add-on could prove very useful in worst-case scenarios.

Lower Deductibles and Depreciation Inclusions

The problem with cheap car insurance is usually if you do need to make a claim, you’ll have a sizable deductible to hand over. This limits the benefits you’ll get from the initial savings you made at the point of purchase.

Likewise, because almost all cars lose value over time, insurers may only cover the cost of replacing a vehicle at its current market rate, not at the original amount you paid for it.

In both contexts, it makes sense to minimize your deductibles and also to get a zero depreciation deal when finding car insurance.

These extras and car insurance add-ons will ensure that the insurer will cover some or all of the cost of any claims, and you won’t have to worry about how much your vehicle’s value trickles away, either.

Maintenance & Breakdown Insurance

It can be wise and cost-effective to bundle in aspects of maintenance and breakdown cover within your broader car insurance package.

Some providers will let you make a claim if your vehicle’s major components, such as the engine, fail even if they are outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period.

You can also get benefits such as access to a courtesy vehicle while your car is being fixed up, or a replacement is found.

Are Car Insurance Add-Ons Right for YOU?

Clearly you need to compare insurance deals and find one which is right for your budget, and also fits in with how you use your car.

If you aren’t satisfied, you can always change providers, but be aware that there may be fees to leave a deal early.

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