2014 Ford Escape Transmission Recall – Symptoms & Problems To Watch Out For

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If you have a new or used 2014 Ford Escape with a 6F35 transmission, you may have had issues with the transmission. If this is the case, you are not alone. According to CoPilotSearch.com, here are some of the most common problems 2014 Ford owners experience:

  • Transmission issues (Cost up to $4,000 for repair)
  • Engine problems (Cost up to $500 to fix)
  • Window and windshield issues (Cost up to $250 for repair)

The 6-sped 6F35 transmissions were developed by Ford and GM and were originally released in 2002. It was in several Ford  and Mazda vehicles, including:

  • Ford: Kuga, Focus, Escape, and Fusion
  • Mazda: Tribute
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Most Common 6F35 Transmission Issues on the 2014 Ford Escape

Of the various issues reported with the Ford Escape, 6F35 transmission issues are some of the most reported. Owners report they have experienced transmission failures that can occur suddenly without warning. And that is definitely not safe.

Symptoms include:

  • The transmission suddenly stops working
  • “Transmission Fault” warning is on the dashboard
  • The transmission is not shifting properly
  • The transmission loses acceleration (often this occurs only when the vehicle is traveling at high speeds)
  • The car shudders during acceleration and when slowing down
  • High-pitch noise when moving in reverse

How Do You Know if Your Transmission is Faulty?

You do not have to be a mechanic to know what is wrong with your vehicle. Auto code readers are widely available to those that want to know what the issue may be with their vehicle.

Easy to use OBD code readers run a check on the vehicle and clearly display codes that show existing issues with their vehicles. This is handy for consumers that may want to know what is wrong with their vehicle before they take it in for service, so they know what to expect and can begin to research anticipated costs.

A lot of information on the 6F35 transmission can be sourced from, https://reman-transmission.com/transmission-codes/?code=6F35. Here are some of the codes which may signify transmission issues:

  • P1700
  • P1702
  • P1704
  • P1710
  • P1711
  • P1713
  • P1740
  • P1745
  • P1760
  • P1762
  • P1767
  • P1780
  • P1783
  • P1784
  • P1785
  • P1786
  • P1787
  • P1788
  • P1789
  • P1900

With a little research, owners can also see a wide range of Service Bulletins from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration on the 2014 Ford Escape transmission issues.

In addition, many Ford Escapes will also show a “Transmission Fault Service Now” warning light on the dashboard.

Preventative Maintenance:

If you are concerned that your Ford 2014 Escape may be experiencing transmission issues, be sure to keep your car properly maintained so you will be aware of a change in transmission performance:

  • Check all fluid levels regularly and refill them as needed.
  • Be aware of recalls of the vehicle and take it to the dealership for repairs currently under warranty.
  • Be sure to address any warning lights ASAP. They could be serious issues that will only get worse, if not repaired in a timely manner.
  • Get regular transmission checks to make sure that there are no underlying issues.
  • If the transmission is slipping, jerking, or performing any other odd behaviors, take it in as soon as possible.
  • Keep a record of all repairs so you have an ongoing history of all issues with the vehicle.

Repairing 6F35 Transmissions:

If you’re having issues with your 2014 Ford Escape transmission, seek the help of your dealership, or reliable mechanic, or source a rebuilt one https://reman-transmission.com/transmissions/ford/escape. They may determine if the transmission needs to be replaced, which could cost as much as $7,000.

It may be repaired, or there may be replacement options at a lesser cost. Your mechanic will advise you as to the proper repair for your vehicle and how much you can expect to pay to have the repair professionally repaired.

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