How Does A Brake Controller Work?

A brake controller is normally an OEM or perhaps aftermarket ​module or gadget. It is installed in the tow line vehicle's drivers-side dashboard, and engages a trailer's electric powered braking system ​or ​the tow vehicles’ brakes ​whenever slowing or ​stopping.

Electric trailer brake controllers work by supplying power from the automobile that is ​being towed to the electrical brakes ​of the trailer. There are two main types of electric trailer brake controller, such as time delayed and proportional.


Proportional Brake Controllers

Proportional Brake Controllers


Proportional electrical trailer brake controllers are also known as pendulum brake controllers. They can track the pace of the slowing of the automobile being towed and for ​apply the ​same amount of braking ​to the trailers.

With the help of proportional brake controllers, you will get strong emergency braking, standard braking, or even slow-to-an-idle braking ​for your trailer. The strength with which your trailer brakes are stimulated ​used to be reliant on the deceleration of your tow automobile. It means that different time-delay controllers ​will send out the same quantity of preset capacity to your trailer brake systems each time.

Proportional controllers have the ability to adjust to every braking circumstance differently. If you knock on the brakes in the vehicle, your trailer's brakes will switch on with the same ​intensity.

A proportionate brake controller feels when and how the tow automobile brakes through an accelerometer or an interior inertia-based sensor. This ​reacts to the deceleration of the tow automobile by ​telling the controller to distribute enough capacity to your trailer brake systems to ensure that they are initialized with a strength that matches. The effect is uniform braking around your towing system. No push-pull actions - simply clean, proportional braking each time.

Time-Delayed Brake Controllers

Time delayed electric powered trailer brake controllers tend to be called solid condition brake controllers. Whenever the driver ​uses the brakes of the automobile, a certain quantity of brake force is transmitted to the trailer. This ​results ​in a delay since the unit is ​increasing to full brake power.

Time-Delayed Brake Controllers


A time-delayed brake control mechanism applies your trailer's brakes whenever the brake pedal in your tow automobile is ​applied. Each time you apply the brakes within your tow automobile, a signal is delivered via the brake change to the brake pedal controller. The control ​then transmits electric power out to your trailer brakes to initialize them with a strength set by you​.

Both quantity of braking power (result) and rate of the program (sync) ​can be adjusted to fit your inclination, the street conditions, and kind of trailer. To determine which ​amounts are best for the application, you must try the towing setup and choose what seems best.

Proportional Brake Remotes vs. Time-Delayed: Know Your Brake Controller


  • Enable the users to adjust the utmost braking capacity to match the weight of the trailer getting pulled
  • Have got a manual override result in that can be utilized to use only the trailer brakes
  • Have got the same wiring construction for installation


Braking Performance

Time-delayed controls constantly send out the same braking capacity to the trailer tires. Proportional brake controls will change the braking power depending on how quickly the tow automobile is stopping, which creates smoother braking actions.


Time-delayed brake controls tend to be best for the informal user. Proportionate controls are highly recommended in case the trailer will frequently be towed because these controllers work well in different dragging circumstances and generate less use within the braking systems on the tow automobile and trailer.


Time-delayed brake controls can be attached in virtually any placement including any position. Proportionate brake controls will commonly have to be installed within just a specific range, such as within 700 of the level, to work correctly.


Proportional brake controls offer an additional level of protection because they'll immediately crank up to complete power if the tow automobile generates an emergency stop.

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