How Far Can An Electric Car Go On A Single Charge?

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If you are interested in purchasing an electric car then you either want to save on the cost of driving or help the environment. Of course, many people like the fact that they can do both at the same time. 

An electric car isn’t free to run and still has an impact on the environment. However, it is much cheaper to run as the average electric car in the US gets around 130 mpg, which is significantly better than the average diesel automobile.

Of course, deciding to buy an electric car does come with concerns.

How Far Can An Electric Car Go On A Single Charge?

You are saving money driving an electric car. The miles-per-gallon is better, the insurance is generally lower, and the cost of refilling it is minimal, just time. In fact, add in the cheapest parking in the area and you can save a small fortune!

But, you need to know that your car will take you where you want to go and back or that there is a way to charge your car along the route. The good news is that there are currently over 21,000 charging locations, it should be noted that a quarter of these is in California.

With that in mind, it is worth knowing that the average electric car in the US can offer 193 miles per charge. However, it is worth noting that this distance is an average and is improving all the time. There are cars capable of significantly larger distances on one charge, such as the Tesla Model S which is capable of 402 miles!

Factors To Be Aware Of

There are several factors that will affect how far a car can go on one charge. Being aware of these can help you overcome range anxiety and plan appropriate stops to ensure smooth long or short-distance trips. 

  • The Weather
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If you live in sunny California you may find your car doesn’t cover as many miles on one charge as a slightly cooler zone. This is because the hat will require you to put your air conditioning on. Any additional drains on the battery will affect the distance the car can travel.

  • Your Driving Style

It isn’t surprising that the way you drive affects the distance you can travel, the same is true in traditional combustion engine vehicles. In short, the harder you accelerate and brake, the more you will reduce the distance your car can go on one charge.

  • Age Of Battery

Most electric car batteries will last for 10-20 years, the equivalent of 170,000 miles. Of course, this is an estimate as this type of car hasn’t been around long enough to confirm it.  But, one thing is certain, the older the battery gets the harder it is for it to retain its charge. The number of miles you get per charge will slowly drop.

  • Weight

Just as turning on electrical equipment changes how long the battery will last, so does having excess weight in the car. The heavier the vehicle the more effort it is to move it and the quicker the battery will drain.

Final Thoughts

If you are considering an electric car then they are generally a good investment. All you need to do is think about what journeys you need to undertake and the distances they are. This can help to ensure your car can handle the distance involved on one charge.

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