How To Check The Quality of Your Smashed Car Repair

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Here are some tips on how to check the quality of your smashed car repair, so that you can drive away confidently.

A car is among the most expensive items most people will ever purchase, so when you take it for smash repairs after an accident, you want to ensure they’ve done it correctly.

From a distance, the repairs might appear to be in good shape, but you should really examine the small details to ensure everything was fixed as needed.

Panel beaters are only human, after all, so it’s best to check the quality of the repairs before leaving. That way, should you discover a problem, it can be fixed immediately.

Here’s what you should consider before driving away after your vehicle receives smashed car repair.

Examine Your Car Critically in Good Lighting 

If the workshop you have chosen for your smash repairs doesn’t have good lighting, drive your car outside before you leave the premises. Bright light makes dents and scratches more visible, so you’ll be able to see if the repair work was adequately completed.

Pay close attention to the panels and parts that were damaged, too. There should be no signs of an accident at all—it should appear as if it never even occurred.

Panel beating may require taking off a panel so it can be repaired. Examine the panel closely to ensure it is properly fastened and flush with the car.

car being painted

Check the Paint Quality 

If the car went in for repairs dirty and they didn’t wash it, you won’t be able to see if the paint job is of a suitable quality underneath the dirt. Insist they wash your vehicle so you can perform an adequate inspection.

Examine the repaired panel closely from all sides and focus on the surface’s smoothness. A proper respray must have smooth paint and not be bumpy or rough. Not to mention a high quality coating!

To match the new color of the freshly painted panel, the panels surrounding the repaired area may also need to be resprayed if your car is a little older or has had a lot of sun exposure. 

Open and Close Everything

After a car accident, all parts can shift. Car doors, windows, and the frame can move because of the impact. Good smashed car repair should allow everything to be in its place afterwards.

Open and close each door and window to make sure everything is working properly. Additionally, open the hood and the trunk and check they remain open and latch shut on closing.

Pay close attention to whether any of the parts stick or open and close with difficulty. Listen out for any creaks or scrapes as well. 

It’s important to have these things addressed as soon as possible because they could become a safety risk when driving

Check Your Car’s Functionality

Inform your mechanic you’re going for a test drive and that they should join you. 

Pay attention to whether the steering pulls the car to one side. This may occur due to a bent frame or the body structure not being aligned correctly. The steering wheel also shouldn’t turn too easily or with too much force.

If the car was in an accident, check the airbags if they were deployed. See that the fitting is installed correctly and flush so they provide the level of safety as intended.

Keep an Eye Out

Once you are satisfied with the work completed by the repairers and your car looks and drives like new, you are ready to go!

Be sure to keep an eye out in case something out of the ordinary occurs. Check the paint job occasionally to make sure it isn’t fading, bubbling, or cracking.

Stick to the regular servicing schedule so that your vehicle is always safe for the driver, passengers, and other road users. 

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