How To Clean An RV Water Pump Filter

As an RVer, you always want to experience home-like features with your RV. This means you virtually get to do everything you would in a typical home setting. While conserving water is essential as seen in most RV guides, your best friend would be a great water filter. However you would also have a hard time dealing with a faulty RV water pump filter.

Apart from contaminated fresh water, the other thing that greatly affects the RV water pump’s performance is dirty filter.  A contaminated filter results in some of the biggest problems in an RV water pump. This is because the water way is restricted. This may result in fluctuating water pressure, leaks or complete water blockage.

These are the steps on how to clean an RV water pump filter.

How to Clean an RV Water Pump Filter?

Another challenge even after you finally locate where your RV water pump is that you will need to create enough space. This is to completely disassemble the water pump and look for the exact problem – in this case contaminated RV water pump filter.

Step 1 Locate the Filter

Now, you will need to locate your RV water pump in order to clean its filter. Like a silent rule in most RVs, the RV water pump is seldom placed in an open area which provides quick access whenever one needs to service the pump. In fact, some people search so frantically they give up midway and call professionals. This may present you with an additional budget you actually never planned for.

One of the pro tips to easily locate the position of your RV water pump is by turning the machine on and tracing where the sound is coming from. This way, you won’t have to fish in the dark.

Step 2 Switch Power Off 

Next, you will have to switch off the power button of your water pump and disconnect the city water supply line from the RV water pump. You will find in most of the best RV water pumps that the city and fresh water supply hoses are pretty easy to disconnect. You will find the filter just beneath the city water hose.

Step 3 Unscrew the Housing

Because the hoses are all attached to the water filters, you may find a semi-clear housing. Unscrew the housing to reveal the water pump filter. In order to get to the screen for cleaning, you need to unscrew the water filter system from the RV pump housing.

Step 4 Clean Filter

For the older versions of the water filter, you will need to twist their threaded male side in a counterclockwise direction to isolate it from the female component. Next, you will push out the screen and clean it.

For the best wash, you should clean the screen thoroughly and rinse it before having to reassemble the particular filter and RV water pump components together. Remove all the stains and sediments to give your RV water pump a new lease of life for optimum performance.

Connect the fresh and city water lines back in place and observe the performance of your cleaned filter. You will experience a quieter water pump and a more efficient system.

Best practice requires that after every six months you should clean your RV water pump filters to get the best performance. However, those who are going for a campout in an RV should have their filters checked and cleaned before setting out for the journey. Likewise, they should clean the filter once they are back from their trip.

Regular cleaning of the Filter

Many of the RV water pump complications stem from the filters or the city and fresh water lines. These challenges may make supply of water throughout the RV become practically impossible. When there are sediments settled in the filter, even the quality of the water you consume could be worrying.

It is important to get the filter checked as often as possible, more especially when the RV water pump’s strength begins to plummet. Chances are high you could prevent clogging of pipes, leaks or raptures (in the worst case scenario) if you fix this very small component of the water pump.

Now You Can Clean Your RV Water Pump Filter for Life!

For your peace of mind and also to minimize extra complications, you should clean and rinse your RV water pump filter regularly. This will in turn accord you an exemplary pump performance, a great water pressure and a long lifespan for endless trips. With this guide, you should know your way around how to clean an RV water pump filter. Right?

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