How To Fix An RV Water Pump Check Valve

When you notice a leak in any place inside or under your RV, chances are that the RV water pump check valve is faulty. Moving around with a leaking RV gives the wrong impression that you are disposing of sewerage on the road, even if it is just fresh water.

To avoid embarrassments and being pulled over by a cop, you should consider checking the RV water pump valve and fixing it all by yourself. Most of the faults with the RV water pumps do not require specialists. With basic tools, you could turn a nut here and there and the problem is gone.

Questions about how to prime an RV water pump or how to adjust a pressure switch on an RV could easily be handled by the careful reading of the RV pump itself and following the easy prompts. Same is the case for fixing an RV water pump check valve.

Nothing could get you worried like a leak in the system. This is because you are just unsure whether it is the pipes or the water pump itself. Few people typically think it could be the check valve. If you thought so, bravo! This problem could get you on a furious pursuit of the genesis of the leak and leave you exhausted when you realize the pipes are all sealed.

Why it is important to check and fix an RV water pump check valve.

fix an RV water pump check valve

  • Checking and fixing a faulty valve has loads of benefits. It not only helps you to conserve water but also stops the leak just in time before it causes extensive damage to the adjoining areas.
  • In the same way, it protects your RV water pump from letting in air bubbles which could clog your pipes and cut you out from a constant and reliable water supply. This way, you are sure to continue your trip stress-free and with plenty of water for your basic consumption requirements.
  • The other benefit of checking and fixing an RV water pump check valve is that it ensures that City water does not mix with your fresh water. This often happens every time you are filling up your tanks for a trip or as part of routine maintenance.
  • Lastly, when you check and fix an RV water pump, it improves the overall performance of your water pump and increases the pressure of water in your shower, kitchen sink and the toilet.

With these benefits in mind, let’s now get down to the real business of fixing the valve.

How to fix an RV water pump check valve

The hardest part of this is the identification of the particular valve with the fault. Once you find the exact valve with the leak, your job is pretty well cut out for you.

Step 1

Turn off the RV water pump and isolate the specific valve from the rest of the ones in good condition.  The valve may simply be old or it could have suffered shock during the installation of the water pump. Because RVers ordinarily love to cram everything into the limited space of a van, things could get strained here and there.

Step 2

Next, use valve replacement tools to remove the damaged RV water pump check valve. If you are probably deep in the woods and you cannot find these tools, use a pair of pliers to grip the valve and lift it out gently.

Step 3

Once out, replace the valve with a new one before fixing the component parts of the valve right back.

Step 4

Once you are certain that everything is back in place, switch on the water pump and wait for the water to rush through the valve. Check for leaks and swellings at the area with the valve. Switch off the RV water pump once there is no evidence of faults with the valve.

Now You Can Fix An RV Water Pump Check Valve!

The only way to check and fix an RV water pump check valve is to replace it. The valves are pretty cheap, and you could get them at a nearby convenience store. Problems with the valve could signal other deep-seated complications within the RV water pump. It is, therefore, a great idea to look for a specialist to diagnose it.  Have a great road trip!

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