How to Install LED Lights On Your Car

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Wondering if you can install LED lights on your car yourself? Keep reading to see how!

Your car is an extension of your personality. So whether you want to paint the exterior, or add a new sound system, there are lots of things you can do to make it more your own. When it comes to looking at newer trends, however, one of the biggest accessories this year is LED lights in your car. 

LED lights are not very expensive, and can easily be installed into your vehicle. In order to help you get this popular, and mood setting trend into your vehicle, we have put together this guide so that you can install LED lights on your car yourself! 

Planning Out the Mood

First things first, it’s time to start planning. You need to think about where you want your LED lights to be placed within your car. Do you want custom car door lights, or do you want your seats to have a cool glow? 

lights in car

Not only do you need to consider where the lights will go, but how they will light up. You can purchase lights that will change color with sound, using voice commands, or lights that use an easy to handle remote. Regardless of your choice of lights, it is important to know exactly where you want them before you start your install. 

Once you decide where you want them, it’s time to pick which method you would like to use to install your lights. The two primary ways to install your LED lights are through your fuse box and through the cigarette lighter. 

Install LED Lights On Your Car with Your Fuse Box

The most power efficient way to install your LED lights will be to use the fuse box in your vehicle. Please note that this method is a little more complicated, and will require a basic knowledge of electronic wiring. 

First, you will want the power to your vehicle completely turned off. Next you need to remove any existing accessory fuses from the fuse panel typically located under the driver’s side footwell. Check your owner’s manual for information about your fuse box. It should state all of the following: 

  • Complete Diagram of Fuse Box
  • Location of Each Fuse
  • What the Fuse Powers
  • Accessory Fuse Location

Once you locate the accessory fuse and understand the basic layout of your fuse box, it’s time to start the install. 

Accessing the Fuse Panel and Connection

Open up the fuse box on the driver’s side footwell. Once you have located the accessory fuse, remove it and place the fuse in a fuse adaptor. Place the adaptor back into it’s original fuse location. 

You can then connect one end of the lighting kit’s power wiring to the fuse adaptor. The other end of the wire (typically a red wire) should be connected to the LED lights’ power box. You will then need to connect your black wire as a grounding point. 

Choose any metal bolt under the dash. Simply loosen the metal bolt, put the black wire underneath it securely, and tighten the bold again. Once the LED kit is grounded, it’s time to start using your lights and auto tuning it to your desired settings!

Install LED Lights On Your Car with a 12-Volt Outlet

Though most modern vehicles no longer have a port for an actual cigarette lighter, the connection point is still in most cars. It is labeled as a 12-volt power outlet in newer vehicles. 

First, access the red and black wires of your lighting kit. You will need to strip the wire coating, and twist the exposed wiring together at the end. Second, you will need to twist or crimp the wires to the butt of a 12-volt connector. Using electrical tape to cover the exposed wires. 

You can then plug the adapter into the cigarette lighter, or 12-volt power outlet. Now all you have to do is organize your lights how you want them!

Organizing Your LED Lights

Installing your LED lights where you would like them in your vehicle is one of the most fun parts of this project. However, how you secure them to your car is up to the lighting kit you purchase.

Some kits have adhesive on the back of the LED lights. While you may need to install LED lights on your car with velcro pieces. The velcro may, or may not be in the kit. It depends on the LED lights you purchase. 

Be mindful of where you place your lighting, as you want to keep your car street legal, as well as not have too much of a glare while you’re driving at night! After all, you need to think about safety first!

Install LED Lights On Your Car Like a Pro!

Now that you know how to install LED lights on your car yourself, you can get started with setting your vibe today! Install your lights like a pro in no time by using this helpful guide.

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