Is an EV a Good Car for Family Use?

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Wondering “is an EV a good car for family use”? Read on to find out if an EV is right for your family!

Electric Vehicles have been getting cheaper, more convenient, and more common on the roads. With price points falling and EV charger infrastructure expanding, it’s becoming a more appealing option for anyone who’s concerned about the environment and wants to save on gas.

Sales have been growing rapidly, and while they are still far from the mainstream, some believe that a turning point where the majority of new car sales are electric could be only a few years away.

But do EVs make a good family vehicle? When you have kids, pets, and the hectic schedule that comes with work, school, daycare, errands, and extra-curriculars, you need a vehicle you can depend on in all seasons.

This is what you need to know about EVs for family use.

EVs Now Come as SUVs

If you still think of an EV as a compact sedan humming quietly through the streets, you might have an outdated image. They’re still much quieter than gas-powered cars, but the best electric family vehicle is, without a doubt, an electric SUV.

As more conventional car manufacturers have entered the EV space, buyers are spoiled for options. Audi, Hyundai, BMW, and Volkswagen have added great SUV models to Tesla’s offerings. Electric SUVs have the seating space for bigger families.


Do EVs Have Good Storage Space?

Families often need tons of storage in their cars, and they’re not sure if an EV can deliver. The surprising news is that EVs can often have more space than gas-powered vehicles. The secret is that EVs don’t have to sacrifice so much space for a combustion engine, gas tanks, exhaust systems, and all the other things that keep gas-powered vehicles running. The insides of an EV take up much less space, relying on a small electric motor and the battery.

That frees up considerably more room for storage. Some EV manufacturers even use the extra space to create a front trunk for extra storage.

Will Your EV Be Ready When You Need It?

Charging can be a real source of anxiety for families. When you need to pick up your kids from daycare or get to work in the morning, you don’t have time to wait for your car to charge up.

If you install a Level 2 charger in your home, you can easily charge your car overnight without having to worry about it. With a Level 2 charger, you can charge your car in 4-5 hours, which is perfect for overnight or plugging it in right when you get home from work.

Keep in mind that this is the speed to go from 20% to 80%, which is recommended for the fastest charge. Going beyond 80% takes longer and can damage the battery.

One thing to keep in mind is that larger battery packs will take longer to charge, but they will also get you further, so you can charge less frequently.

Are EVs Good for Winter Driving?

Winter weather can be a bit rougher on EV batteries, but they are great vehicles even in cold climates. Batteries are not at risk of freezing, and if you put on winter tires, you’ll do fine in tough road conditions.

So, is an EV a good car for family use? The short answer is yes! They offer reliability, safety, plenty of space, and you never have to worry about gas prices again.

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