3 Jobs For Car Lovers

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There are many people who see driving simply as a way to get them from point A to point B. Then there are those who enjoy driving and love the freedom that it brings, but their interests don’t extend beyond this point. nothing more than that.

Take it another step further and you’ll find those who live and breathe cars. They don’t just enjoy driving or shopping for a new vehicle. They will happily spend hours painting their car’s exterior to give it a new lease of life and they love completing repairs and replacements to make their car drive more efficiently.

Does the Latter Sound Like You?

Are you the kind of person to clock-watch all day at the office, waiting for the workday to end so you can rush home to your beloved car? Are you constantly replacing old car parts or installing the latest pieces of technology into your vehicle to modernize its interior?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you might want to consider switching to a car-related career! Even if you’re not this passionate about upgrading your car, you might still have a strong interest in the automotive industry.

For those of you who are looking for a new career path that will earn you great money while also fulfilling your passion for cars, here are three jobs that might just be perfect for you.

Car Dealer

If you’re particularly good at persuading customers to treat themselves and closing deals, you will succeed as a car salesperson. To be a great car dealer, you must also possess great communication skills to provide great customer service to those who walk into the showroom.

The job description will be similar regardless of where you work, but one of the best aspects of being a car salesperson is the fact that you can work in a variety of places, from Glenwood Springs car dealerships to local showrooms.

As a car salesperson, you will help customers find brand-new or second-hand cars that meet their needs. You will provide your expert guidance to help them find the vehicle of their dreams.

If you already have extensive knowledge about various car models and manufacturers, this job will be a breeze and you’re bound to excel. And if you have a particular interest in a certain manufacturer, you can choose to work at a dealership that specializes in selling cars from this specific company.

What’s even better about being a car salesperson is that you can easily progress on to managerial roles or you can eventually choose to become a franchise owner. There is always an opportunity for progression into higher-paid, more hands-on roles.

For those of you who are passionate about cars and could chat about them all day, every day, working in a car dealership is perfect for you. It’s a job that revolves around providing your expertise to customers and sharing your knowledge. 

If you’re worried about feeling ‘icky’ by entering a sales job, you don’t need to worry! Most people who enter the showroom do so with the intent of walking away with a new car.

You won’t need to use any crazy persuasion tactics to close your deals! As a car salesperson, you aren’t pushing anything on your customers. You are simply guiding them in the right direction! 


car mechanic jobs for car lovers

Mechanics is one of the most common and most popular car-related roles. As a mechanic, you will need to get down and dirty by delving into the interior of a variety of vehicles to resolve any problems.

Whether you’re opening up the hood to identify problems with the car’s engine or you’re sliding underneath the car to check the wheel alignment, every day holds something different when you’re a mechanic. You’ll be using your problem-solving skills to identify and solve your customers’ car-related issues so no two days are the same.

If the office life isn’t for you and you prefer to stay on your feet all day, becoming a mechanic will fulfill this desire. This manual role requires a good level of physical fitness and enthusiasm for hands-on work.

As a mechanic, you get the opportunity to interact with new customers all the time, while also fuelling your passion for cars every day. It’s the perfect way to combine customer service with cars!

Depending on how flexible you want to be with your own schedule, you can choose to be self-employed or employed. The former would require you to set up your own mechanics business or work as a freelancer for a range of clients. The latter can involve working at a local garage or in a showroom.

Car Restorer

If you love taking old or broken cars and restoring them back to their full function, a career in car restoration might be on the cards for you.

As a car restorer, you will be taking classic cars and performing lots of repairs or replacements to completely transform them.

The main responsibilities include carrying out routine maintenance and repairs, engine replacements, cleaning and polishing, restoring factor paint jobs, and other general mechanical repairs. You will also be involved in ordering car parts and finding great suppliers.

You can either work as a freelancer and restore cars in your home garage or a rented garage, or you can get a job as a restorer at a local garage. Either way, no two days are the same when you’re a car restorer. You will usually be working on multiple projects at once so you’re never going to get bored!

Bringing a car back to life is extremely rewarding and offers a decent paycheck at the end of it! This job requires an eye for detail, patience, skill, and a passion for classic cars. If you fill these criteria, car restoration is the perfect job for you!

Three Best Jobs for Car Lovers Like You!

Find the right jobs for car lovers by reading through this helpful guide. From working as a car salesman, to finding your way into restoration, there are many opportunities. The best jobs for car lovers are out there, waiting just for you!

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