Should I Get a Lawyer for a Car Accident That Wasn’t My Fault?

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Wondering if you should get a lawyer for a car accident that wasn’t your fault? Here are some tips and advice just for you.

Once you’ve been in a disastrous car crash and are suffering damages, it is possible that you are not to blame and can hold the other party liable. When another driver is unreliable and breaks traffic laws, you shouldn’t be forced to pay for all your expensive medical bills because of another driver’s careless behavior. Sometimes, it can be hard to prove that the other party is at fault.

This is especially true if the other party doesn’t tell the police officer the truth, resulting in a police report that lacks details of how the accident occurred. When this is the case, you should get an Atlanta auto accident lawyer on your side to help prove that you weren’t at fault. Even if you are found to be partly at fault, you can still receive compensation for the damages you were not at fault for. 

Damages You Can Receive

You will need a lawyer to estimate all of the damages you should receive accurately. Even though you can add up medical bills and income loss on your own, you still need help estimating pain and suffering. You might also miss damages that you should have included but failed to because of inexperience. Legal professionals can calculate the following for you:


Pain And Suffering Damages Need To Include Your Emotional Turmoil

Often, you feel depressed, ashamed, embarrassed, anxious, or struggling with PTSD because of your car accident. Any type of sadness or grief that has caused you to struggle emotionally because of your car crash, often negatively impacting your daily activities, is a form of pain and suffering. Your attorney works with an insurance adjuster to accurately estimate how much you should receive in compensation by using a multiplier.

The multiplier is based on a number between one and seven, or more, due to the severity of your crash. This number is then multiplied by your total economic damages. The sum is added to your entire settlement amount. Your pain and suffering make up most of your settlement, but can only be accurately estimated if you get a lawyer for a car accident and they work with their insurance adjuster. 

Economic Damages Should Include Anything Related To Your Crash

Your medical bills can include anything you had to pay for because of your car accident injuries. This can include crutches, neck braces, braces, and other medical devices. Treatments such as physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, medical prescriptions, and other ongoing therapies can be included in your settlement.

In addition to your current income loss, you can include future income loss in your compensation as well. If your insurance policy wasn’t able to cover all of your car repair costs, you can also seek property damage. 

Only An Attorney Would Know If You’re Truly Not At Fault

After experiencing a bad personal injury accident, it can be hard to prove who is at fault based on the evidence. Your attorney will need to investigate on your behalf and find out if the other party can be held liable based on the evidence.

They will use traffic camera footage, accident reconstruction, photos from the scene of the crash, witness testimonies, the police report, and other information they can gather. Based on their experience, they can identify how the other party was at fault and whether or not you can seek compensation from them. 

They Obtain Fair Compensation

Your attorney will work hard to obtain a settlement on your behalf using the proof you provided and the evidence they were able to discover. They reach out to all involved parties and will begin the process of negotiating a settlement. Through consistency, persistence, and experience, attorneys make sure that you get a settlement that is fair and will keep you in the conversation by checking in with you.

You can negotiate a settlement based on increasing damages or decide to reduce it based on the other party’s request. If the other party refuses to settle, your attorney can initiate a lawsuit on your behalf. With the help of your attorney, you can expect your settlement process to happen a lot more smoothly and expediently. 

Attorneys Provide Reliable Services

Because of your attorney’s experience in car accidents and personal injuries, they can provide reliable and trustworthy advice. You won’t get taken advantage of by other party’s insurance companies or seek compensation from the wrong party with an attorney supporting you.

If you get a lawyer for a car accident they can also help you in a case that has poor evidence, and help you dig up additional proof to make your case stronger. Your attorney will have the resources, track record, and knowledge to direct you during this difficult time. Attorneys will help represent you so that your settlement is taken more seriously and isn’t ignored by the other party. 

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