Long-Commutes: Advice for Driving More Than an Hour a Day

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Let’s face it, some of us have a long-commutes that we have to face on a daily basis. If you’ve never had to have a longer drive to and from work, but are about to have a longer commute, then do not fret. We have put together some great advice for driving more than an hour a day!

The Best Time to Eat and Drink

Without having to go into too much detail, if you have have a long commute, you should drink very little before hitting the road. The more stops you have to make along the way, the longer your drive time will be. As long-term truck drivers, and daily commuters know well, you should plan your beverages out before you start your drive.

In order to help you reduce stopping, simply follow these helpful steps:

  • Don’t drink a lot an hour before you leave
  • Know where the best stops on your route are for emergencies
  • Take small sips while on the road
  • Don’t eat a big meal an hour before leaving

If you keep these tips in mind, and eat and drink within a reasonable time period before your commute, you can save a lot of time on pit stops!


Audiobooks and Good Playlists

If you have to take on long-commutes by yourself, it may be a good idea to invest in some audiobook apps. Some drivers find that audiobooks help them concentrate as they drive and multiply their average annual car mileage on their long-commutes. Podcasts are also extremely entertaining! However, audiobooks and podcasts are not for everyone.

While some drivers enjoy a good story, others prefer a great morning playlist. Take the time to put together a commute playlist for your daily back and forth. Then, when you are driving to work, you have a playlist to take on the morning. Not to mention a great playlist for your drive home! This can help to get your mind ready for the day ahead, as well as relax and reset your attitude on the way home.

Staying Vigilant

When driving long hours, it is always good to stay focused on the road ahead of you. Though coffee can be helpful, it is not a cure all for feeling tired. If you find yourself feeling fatigued on the way to work, or on the way home, it may be best to get off the road. Do not push yourself to the point of it being dangerous for yourself and other drivers.

Another thing to remember is to not be distracted while you are driving. You may think it “ok” to check a text message while you are driving down the same stretch of highway you have driven a million times, but that could really cost you. Stay vigilant while driving, and do not let yourself be distracted on long-commutes.

Car Pooling

A great way to handle long-commutes is to put together a car pool if you can. This will not only help keep mileage off of your vehicle, but it will also make the long drive less lonely. Find a few people, or at least one person, that lives near you and makes the same drive daily. This way you can organize schedules, gas costs, as well as the best routes to take.

Car pooling is also a better choice for the environment. The less vehicles making the same trip, the less carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere. Not to mention, it is extremely cost effective! Saving you and your co-workers a few extra dollars on gas.

Long-Commutes Don’t Have to Be Terrible!

Let’s face it, driving for a long time everyday can really take it’s toll. Not only can it be lonely, but it can really add up financially. The cost of fuel and the wear and tear on your car may be expensive!

If you have a long-commute, just use these helpful tips to make it go by faster! You can car pool, eat and drink at reasonable times, get a good audiobook, and stay aware of your surroundings. This will keep you safe and keep you entertained on your daily drives!

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