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There are so many things to think about while you’re driving. You have to be aware of the people around you, the road ahead, and of course, what you’re doing with your hands! 

But today, it seems that nearly everyone is distracted on the road due to their smartphones. 

The most crucial things you need when you are driving are concentration and awareness. With handheld technology being a vital feature in most people’s lives in 2022, this is obviously something that doesn’t go with driving very well at all!

Driving is simpler than ever now with all the new tech available for use in cars. Primarily, they are all designed to make your driving safer and easier to get right!

Here are some of popular in-car tech gadgets to keep your eyes on the road instead of on your phone.


The Distracted Driver

Texting whilst driving is the number one cause of distracted driving and is against the law in the UK.

It’s hard for humans to focus on two things at once that require sole concentration on one, which is why it’s essential to stop texting when you get behind the wheel.

It’s not just texting that causes people to become distracted while driving; it can be anything from adjusting your GPS to checking email. 

All these distractions can divert your attention from what’s happening on the road ahead of you.

The very best way to avoid being distracted while behind the wheel is to put down your phone! 

If you have a passenger, ask them for help with your GPS, or bring along a phone holder, so you don’t have to touch your device.

In-Car Tech That Keeps You Focused on the Road

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with in-car technological advances. 

We love the features cars offer to make our lives easier, but we hate when they distract us from following traffic rules. 

Technology has created many new ways for drivers to become distracted while behind the wheel. 

One report found that around 25 percent of drivers are on their smartphones when they’re stopped at a red light! 

Smartphones are just one source of distraction in cars these days, but that doesn’t mean you should just give up on advanced technology altogether. 

Modern cars are equipped with all sorts of different gadgets and electronics designed to simplify your life – not make it more complicated! 

There are plenty of in-car tech gadgets that can help you stay focused on the road ahead, rather than looking at your phone or fiddling with your GPS. 

Let’s take a look at some in-car gadgets that keep you focused on the road ahead.

Dash Cams

Dash cams are one of most popular in-car camera tech gadgets.

These cameras are mounted on your car’s dashboard and record everything that happens while you’re driving. 

They can be used to record accidents, serve as evidence in court cases, or serve as a deterrent for drivers who are driving in a less than responsible manner.

We love these dash cams as some come with built-in navigation systems, which takes away the stress of trying to read maps while being on the road. 

It also makes it easier for drivers who have never traveled before because they won’t have confusion over how far they need to go or where they’re supposed to turn off next.

Lane Keeping Assistant

Lane Keeping Assist is a great way to keep you from drifting out of your lane. 

It’s a driving safety feature that has been around for a while but has only recently become more accessible.

This function uses cameras to identify the white lines on the road and will alert you if you are straying from those lines. 

It’s a handy function for avoiding accidents and staying in your lane.

You may have to upgrade your car or purchase an after-market device to get this function. 

While not every vehicle will have it pre-installed, it is worth checking with your manufacturer before buying a brand new car, so you know what features it does or doesn’t have.

Bluetooth Communication Connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity is a great way to stay in touch while you’re on the road.

It’s so easy to connect your phone with your car and avoid any instances of having to touch your phone at all to make and receive calls.

You can easily make calls, listen to music or podcasts, and take advantage of hands-free calling, all by connecting to the car’s Bluetooth sound system.

in-car tech

Parking Assistance

Parking assistance is a tremendous in-car tech for drivers.

This technology can be found in many new cars, and it’s especially helpful when you need to park in tight spaces or when you’re not sure if you’ve parked too close to another vehicle.

The parking assistance system will help with things like steering and braking so that your car doesn’t hit anything.

And thankfully, this is just one of many in-car technology features that will help keep you safe on the road.

Voice-Activated Tech

Another popular in-car tech gadget is voice-controlled activation.

You can activate your phone’s voice assistant and some other technological features without taking your eyes off the road.

Voice-activated car tech allows you to do things like answer calls, send text messages, and control music, all without looking at your phone.

This is especially useful when you’re driving in bad weather or in heavy traffic where it would be dangerous to look at the screen.

Voice-activated in-car tech is perfect for keeping your attention on the road and away from distracting activities like texting while driving. You will also find it on a lot of new vehicles coming out this year and next year.

Reversing Cameras

One of the most simple and essential gadgets for your car is a reversing camera.

You can attach this to your dashboard and see what’s behind you when you’re reversing. 

Sometimes, you can get a dash cam covering all aspects of your vehicle, including reversing cameras, so this could be an all-in-one tech solution if reversing is something you feel you need assistance with!

Seeing a clear view behind you without twisting or looking backward makes it much easier to avoid any obstacles like pedestrians, bikes, or other cars.

In-Car Tech to Help You Driver Better

Navigating the digital world while driving is a dangerous endeavor; however, the right in-car tech can help you stay focused on driving and avoid distractions.

Before you buy any in-car tech, take care to evaluate how it will impact your driving experience.

Only purchasing something that will really help keep you focussed on the road and driving is worth the money, so evaluate whether the item/items of in-car tech will be helpful to you.

Take advice from experts on the best options for your in-car tech and make sure that you make the most of any feature you install.

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