Paint Protection Films Can Make Your Car Paint Last Longer + More Tips

Don’t you just love giving your car a paint job? Revamping the look of your automobile can be a fun-filled adventure, after all. You keep thinking about all the possibilities; remarkable ideas continue to run wild in your imagination. Just thinking about all the things that you can do to beautify your ride can make you feel so excited that it keeps you up all night.

Well, no one can blame you for feeling that way. In fact, I think we’re all a little guilty of feeling overly excited when it comes to matters of car upgrades and makeovers. After a long day’s work, we seek solace in things that we’re passionate about so it’s only natural that we want to make our four-wheeled ride over-the-top.

One such factor that can really impact the “feel” or atmosphere of your car is the color.

How Colors Give Your Car Personality

I’m pretty sure you’ve already heard or read somewhere that certain colors give off certain vibes. Yellow, for example, is the color for happiness. Bright yellows give off a feeling of immense energy and alertness. It symbolizes light and heat, so it gives off a very vibrant vibe. When summertime approaches, for example, you start to see more yellows in your surroundings. You can see advertisements, billboards, and business establishments painting their exterior with this happy hue.

Blue, on the other hand, gives off a feeling of serenity and calmness. Just like the deep blues of the ocean and the vast skies, the color can make you feel calm and at peace. Darker hues of blue can look a little depressing though as they give off a feeling of gloominess, like how you’d feel on a stormy day. Known to be a color that helps increase focus, gentle hues of blue are often used in learning facilities.

There are more colors that symbolize a lot of things and emanate different types of feelings. Green brims with life, red sets courage ablaze, pink gives off a feeling of youth, and white gives off a feeling of purity and perfection. All these different colors can really give your car a lot of personalities. By combining and utilizing these hues appropriately, you can make your vehicle an extension of yourself. 

However, apart from colors, what is also important is the medium you use to bring these colors to life. Like, paint, for example. If the paint you use is substandard, you won’t be able to elicit the same kind of effect you envision for your car. Also, a paint job can be expensive so you have to get the material right the first time to avoid added costs.

Here are some tips to make your paint color of your car last longer:

Choose Quality Paint At All Times

Car Paint

Just like any other product, paint is also sold by different brands. There will be expensive and cheaper types to choose from. If you are 100% sure about the type of layout you want for your car, you might as well invest in really good paint so that the colors would last far longer.

For vehicles, using glossy paint is highly recommended. You can also try out the matte type but you might have issues with how it reflects light later on. It’s dangerous to be on the road at night when your car can’t reflect light, after all. Glossy paints are more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and it helps other cars spot your vehicle from a distance. This can really help ensure your personal safety on the road as well.

Get The Right Number of Coats

For most paint jobs, one coat of color usually isn’t enough for long-term use. If you’re trying to cut corners or save on costs, you might try to thin the layer of paint you apply to your vehicle. Car paint, after all, can be really expensive. However, the little amount that you saved this time will only haunt you later on. Thin coats will eventually wear away (faster than you’d expect) and you’d have to redo the whole thing all over again.

Applying several layers isn’t advisable either. This will make your car look uneven and, well, sloppy. You need to get just the right number of coats depending on the type of paint you use and the material you’re painting over which in this case, is metal. We really recommend not going with the DIY route this time. Get your paint job done by real professionals.   

Add Paint Protection Film

Yes, that’s right. Such a thing exists you know. There are now automobile centers like Adonis Paint Protection that offer services for paint protection. This extra layer of transparent film will help encase and preserve your car’s vibrant color. It also protects your vehicle from the external environment. Rain, snow, and other natural phenomena can wear off your car’s color, after all.

Not just paint protection; there are other protective services that you can avail for your car like ceramic coating or window films so be sure to check them out.

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