Valuable Tips On Preparing Your Luxury Car for Winter

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With the summer being a distant memory and the winters quickly approaching, it’s time to think about preparing your luxury car for the winter to ensure it makes it through the harsh cold temperatures.  

Keeping your luxury car in good condition is crucial because you don’t want to lose its luster and degrade it or lose its value. Luxury cars have fancy equipment and craftsmanship, so maintaining them is more challenging than standard cars. 

Here are some tips to help you understand how to maintain a luxury car during the cold season. 

Top Up Engine Coolant with Antifreeze 

With the cold weather going below freezing points during the winter season, make sure that the fluid levels in your luxury car are refilled and that they have the correct dilution of antifreeze. Antifreeze is a colored liquid mixed with water to aid in regulating your engine during extreme weather. It is also known as an engine coolant. If the liquid in your engine freezes, it may cause cracking and consequential damage to your engine. 

Make sure your engine coolant is always 50% water and 50% antifreeze. However, add a little more antifreeze to ensure that your engine is protected during the cold weather. 

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Check Engine Air Filter 

Engine air filter purifies the air to make it clean and cool, and your luxury vehicle needs this to run smoothly. Ensure your car’s engine gets steady and fresh air flow by regularly replacing your filter, especially in winter.  

Sand and salt used to clean the roads can cause the air filter to be dirty faster than normal. Replace your air filter before the winters and regularly check it during the cold season. 

Service Your Car 

Servicing and regular maintenance checks of your car can prevent many issues caused by the cold to cars. If you think your vehicle might need some servicing and maintenance, it is better to do it before and regularly during the winter season. You can also get parts from dpf if you need to replace some parts. 

Check The Battery 

During the winter season, car batteries suffer from cold temperatures, which reduce output because of the increased use of light, heater, and blower that puts it under even more demand. Therefore, checking your battery should be at the top of your winter checklist to ensure that it can withstand low temperatures. 

Batteries have a life span of five years, so if your luxury vehicle’s battery starts having problems or you feel like it’s time to change it, replace it or have it checked out before winter. 

Clean Your Windshield  

Having a clear windshield is essential for safe driving, and therefore it is best to check over your windscreen for hidden objects in the screen before winter. Because of this, your windshield washing fluid plays an essential role in keeping your windshield clean. A cold weather washing fluid is recommended to help keep your windshield from freezing while driving through the snow. 

Wash Your Windshield wipers 

Due to friction and the sun’s rays, your windshield wipers wear out over time. This requires you to replace them more often, and when the cold weather approaches, check the condition of the wipers and replace them if necessary. 

Give them a good wipe to make sure that they will entirely wipe out any debris or snow off your windscreen when you are out on the road. Also, ensure that your screen washer fluid is topped up with some antifreeze. 

Check Your Tires 

Your luxury vehicle tires are vital to your car’s safety and performance. Before the cold temperatures hit, it is essential to ensure your tires are in good condition as they are critical to both braking and steering. To give your tires a much better grip, check the tires pressure and tread depth. Have a minimum of 3 mm depth during the winter season than the normal minimum of 1.6mm to give it a much better grip.  

Ensure that your tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications since winter temperatures can cause air pressure issues. It is also recommended to change from summer tires to winter tires since they offer a better grip on ice, snow, and slush. 

Carry A Winter Car Breakdown Kit 

It is essential to have a winter car breakdown kit if you get stuck in the snow while waiting for help. Make sure that you have a torch, blanket, shovel, hi-visibility vest, scrapers, screen wash, de-icers, and snow grips for your shoes inside it.  

Also, ensure that your phone is fully charged and that you have a charging cable in your car if you get stuck in the middle of nowhere. Your insurance will cover a tow most of the time, but if you are stuck in the cold, you DEFINITELY need a breakdown kit.

Check Exterior Lights 

Since the nights get darker during the winter, it is mandatory to ensure all your exterior lights are fully working to ensure your visibility is clear and avoid any road accidents.  

Snow, salt, and dirt can cause buildup reducing visibility at night when foggy, snowy or rainy. It is also recommended to carry extra bulbs if the weather gets worse. 

Climate Control Check 

During the hot summer period, you mainly use the air conditioning in your luxury car with little consideration if the heat works correctly. Therefore, you definitely want to check your car’s climate control when winter approaches.  

Ensure that you are getting warm or hot air from your interior vents when you turn your heat on. Ensure your car’s climate control system is regularly checked and repaired during extreme temperatures. 

Be prepared In Case You Get Stranded. 

It can be a scary and traumatizing experience if you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere, especially when it is snowing. Make sure you have your winter breakdown kit, as discussed earlier, just in case of an emergency.

Ensure that your hazard warning lights are on and stay away from any moving traffic if it is dark. Always ensure that you have the number of a breakdown company near you. For example, AA and that you are covered for this service. 

We recommend doing this to your luxury vehicle during the winter to stay ahead of any excessive damage to your beautiful vehicle.  

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