How To Protect Your 4×4 with Stainless Steel Exhausts

When outfitting your 4x4 for the best protection, you might not think about the exhaust system. However, it’s one of the most used and affected systems on your entire 4x4. Not only does it see all the gases and exhaust fumes running through it regularly, but it is exposed to the elements and close to the ground, creating a risk of impacts that can cause serious damage.

As such, several people are looking for the best way to protect their 4x4 when they have stainless steel exhausts. There are plenty of things that you can do, starting with what you’re doing right now. Keep reading to learn about the best ways to take care of your exhaust so that you can keep riding and spend less time making repairs.

Keep It Clean

In addition to regular washings, you’ll want to spray down the entire 4x4, including the underside, every time you take it out. The longer you let dirt and grime set in, the more likely it is that the system or undercarriage will become rusted or otherwise damaged. If you just take a few minutes to rinse it off, you’ll get a lot more life out of your system in the long run. It might seem okay to skip it once in a while, but if you want the best life out of your exhaust, you really need to hose it down every single time.

Choose a Premium Exhaust

Buy a better exhaust in the first place. While that might sound like a no-brainer, it’s definitely something that gets overlooked. People think theirs is “good enough” until it gives out way too soon or gets damaged well before it should need to be replaced. Start your search for a performance exhaust that is made of durable materials and you’ll have less trouble with damage and issues over time. There are plenty of options available on the market today and, thanks to the Internet, you’ll be able to find the perfect premium exhaust with ease.

Consider an Undercoat


You might want to look into the options for undercoating and protecting the underside of your 4x4. Today's advances in vehicle technology offer a lot of premium options, but it’s going to be up to you to explore each of them and find the best one. Even if you have already upgraded to a premium exhaust, that’s all the more reason to consider this option. It is literally an extra layer of protection for your exhaust and your entire 4x4.

Keep your 4x4 Stored Out of the Elements

When you’re not using your 4x4, where do you store it? If it’s in a damp place or even just sitting on the ground, it’s far more susceptible to rust and damage from moisture. To make sure that you’re not putting your 4x4 at risk unnecessarily, make sure that you choose dry storage at the very least, and climate-controlled storage if you can find it in your area. The more protected your exhaust when it’s not being used, the more durable it will be when you need it to perform on the trails.

The Bottom Line

These are the most important ways that you can protect your 4x4 and its stainless steel exhaust, no matter which brand or model you have in either regard. Make sure that you put some thought into your exhaust and taking care of it so that it gives you the long, durable life that it should. With the right care and maintenance, stainless steel exhausts should provide years of enjoyable use.

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