How To Remove Paint safely From Your Car?

Have you ever noticed your car suddenly get stained with paint? The first thing that needs to be done in such a situation is to control your anger and work on the stain that needs your immediate attention. If you are a do it yourself person then you will be glad to read this post on How to remove paints safely from car. Read on to get some thoughtful insight into removing paints and that too without scratching your car.

How to remove paints safely from car

There are certain procedures that you need to follow while trying to remove the paints from your car. We have tried to incorporate the easiest of ways of doing so because we believe for a do it yourself procedure most of us like to use whatever is available at hand. Here is a short list of these procedures that you can go after while trying to scrape off the ugly paint from your car:

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1. Water and soap

This is the most inexpensive method of removing paint from your car for sure. ​The first thing that you need to be told about this process is that you should try this with fresh paint only. Most paints would take 24 hours normally to dry up and of course weather conditions need to be taken into consideration for this. This is what you can do:

Water and soap
  • Fill up a bucket with warm water and soap solution
  • Get a microfiber cloth or a soft cotton rag
  • Scrub the paint in circular motion
  • Rinse the area with water and keep scrubbing until the color fades or gets removed
  • Then wash the affected area with water until you are satisfied

2. Gasoline

Now, this process can only be used if you have a small area affected by paint. What you need to do for this is get a clean cloth or a microfiber to scuff the stubborn paint off your vehicle. Remember this can affect the top coat of your car as well. Nonetheless, this can be done in a budget and this is how you ​do it:

  • Dab some gasoline of the cloth
  • Rub the affected area with this cloth (if possible conduct a small test, to see how to do it without causing harm to the top coat)
  • You are free to wash the area with water and soap after you are done scouring

3. Using nail polish remover

A nail polish remover is a good solution which can be regarded as a cheaper alternative ​for removing paint off your car. It is readily available in stores and your nails will stay ​protected too! ​Here is how you can put it to use:

Using nail polish remover
  • Apply some remover on a piece of cloth
  • Use this cloth to rub on the paint in a circular motion
  • Keep rubbing until the paint goes out
  • Just be careful while doing so as you don’t want the car’s original paint
  • Wash the affected area with water and soap once you think you are done

4. Utilizing lacquer thinner

This is a stronger version of the nail polish remover and is one that is considered to be a potent solvent. ​Again, the top coat of the car should be kept in mind while working with this. A little vigilance can do wonders with this compound and this is how you can use it for best results:

Utilizing lacquer thinner
  • Blob a small amount in a clean piece of cloth
  • Slowly start applying it on the painted area
  • Stop right away if the paint of your car is getting adversely affected
  • Otherwise rub the paint off
  • Rinse the area afterward with water

Easy Steps to Remove Paints Safely from Your Car!

Hope we have covered most of your questions about this burning question How to remove paints safely from car in a comprehensive way. One tip that we would like share for this process is that to wash your car and then dry it after following any of these procedures.

Another factor that should not skip your mind is to wax your automobile as it makes it easier to scrape off the paint. That said, we wish you all the luck in your endeavors.

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