How to remove touch up paint of car?

Have you purchased a used car? ​If so, you ​probably want to make it like a new car​, but a used cars’ paint condition is often not as good as you'd like​.

​Yyou may ​want to​ improve the car’s appearance. But the previous owner might have had the same idea, and old touch-up paint will be the first thing that you need to fix. You may notice ​this mismatched and uneven paint on the car. These touch-ups can make your ​car less attractive than it should be.

​Touch-ups to the paint are most common on ​the doors, body and bumpers​. ​You ​have two options to fix them - ​you can either call a professional car painter to fix it, or you can remove touch-up paint by yourself!


pain on car

Do you know how to remove touch-up paint from your car’s body? Don’t worry because we will show you the right way to remove ​it ​and make your used car more attractive. Just follow the ​​steps below​...

Find ​the Touch-up Paint

First of all, you need to ​find ​the touch-up paint on your car. Most of the time, you will notice ​it on the ​doors and hood of the car.

After you ​find the areas, you need to mark them.​ You should understand the thickness of the paint as well as the color. ​Is the touch-up paint same ​color? If the color is different, then fixing it ​will be more difficult.

​Is it easy to remove?

​You can use a fingernail to remove the paint. If the paint is ​coming off, that's easy. ​It not, ​you need to ​do it ​the professional way. But don’t use your fingernail ​to remove all the pain​t!

Wash & Dry the Touch up Paint Area

​Now it's time to wash the car properly before ​proceeding to fix the touch-up paint. So just do what you'd do normally to ​wash the car.

Wash & Dry the Touch up Paint Area

​Next, you need to use a cloth or towel so that you can dry the touch-up paint areas. You should not start removal before you have washed and dried your car.

Soften the Areas & Mask the Car

After your car has dried, you need to apply a prep solvent to soften the touched up areas. This is not so important if the touch-up paint is easy to remove. But you must use ​mineral spirit if the paint is hard​.

Rub & Clean Touch up Paint

You need sandpaper to rub ​the touch-up paint properly. Don’t go for a rush ​job because it might remove other ​paint too!

After you have ​removed it, ​you need to use a brush or towel to remove the dust.

Rub & Clean Touch up Paint

​Note: You can apply car paint masking around the touch-up paint area. Otherwise, you can remove extra paint by mistake.

Final Rub & Paint

Now you will need to use 320-grit sandpaper. The sandpaper will help you to smooth out the edges of the car properly.

As soon as you have smoothed the rough areas, the area will be okay for applying fresh paint. Make sure that you are using the right color paint​. Any mismatched touch-up paint will decrease the ​attractiveness of the car, instead of increasing it.

Remove the Mask & Clean Dust

If you have attached ​tape in order to avoid extra paint rub, you need to remove it. Then, use a soft towel or brush so that you can clean the paint dust.

Remember that it ​is important to use a mask. Otherwise, this might damage the car paint more than you want. As a result, you ​have to pay ​to get it fixed​!

Remove Touch up Paint of Car

Removing Touch-Up Paint

By now you should have ​fixed your ​touch-up paint ​on your ​used car. This kind of patch repair is no ​longer ​a problem for any car owner. In fact, the simple and easy to follow process will save you ​money from going to the professionals.

Just follow our steps properly. When rubbing the car, you should not use force​. In fact, you will need to be gentle and go ​in one direction for a better result.

​Take ​time to complete the touch-up paint ​removal. If you are in the hurry, you may not remove it properly. Therefore, ​it is important to be gentle, slow and efficient.


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