Rideshare Accident – 7 Vital Terms & Rights To Be Aware Of

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Some people haven’t heard about a rideshare accident at all. They don’t even know what it is in the first place. The following section contains a few definitions, terms, and trivia that you should be aware of if you find yourself struggling with a similar situation. This can help you define terms, especially if you are in a rideshare accident!

Doing A Carpool Arrangement

A carpool arrangement is very common. This is where a group of people come together to take regular journeys in a vehicle, back and from their workplace and house. Each person from that group takes turns taking out their vehicle and driving the others to their destinations and dropping them back to their homes.

Be certain every person is a good driver, and knows how to avoid accidents in the rain, follow basic traffic rules, and has your safety in mind!


This is somewhat like a carpool but there is an element of the transit system involved. The people arrange for a common ride but on a larger scale where the fuel and vehicle operating costs are shared among everyone traveling in that van.


Coming To A Ride-Sharing Company

Now if you talk about a ride-sharing company such as Uber or Lyft, you are getting more contextual. These companies are available on websites and mobile apps and they match passengers with their most suitable vehicles for hire. They prove to be a lot more affordable if you are comfortable sharing a ride with other individuals that have to travel either to the same destination or on the same route.

Have You Been Involved In A Rideshare Accident?

If you are a passenger in this ride-sharing cab or taxi and if you are hurt and sustained several injuries, you are likely to be covered by your insurance plan. However, there is a big question of whose insurance policy is going to cover those costs.

This is where your rideshare accident attorney comes into the picture. The financial responsibility of any such accident should not be fulfilled by your insurance company. It should be fulfilled by the insurance company of the driver who is at fault or the ride-sharing company.

Several ride-sharing companies carry third-party liability insurance plans. They can pay an amount of up to $1 million in personal injury and property damage for each accident that may be caused by their driver on duty. But the tricky part is that these policies kick in only after the insurance of the driver has already been exhausted.

Getting Rid Of The Legal Complications

A rideshare accident is a form of personal injury case that comes with a lot of legal complications. All the laws that you come across governing this kind of injury are relatively new. This is why you need to associate with a dependable and highly skilled rideshare accident lawyer in your vicinity. He can help you make sense of all these legal formalities and laws and come up with a winning strategy for your case. 

Dealing With Insurance 

A very critical complication that a lot of victims find quite hard to deal with is the various offers from insurance companies. These insurance companies represent the rideshare company and they can be very persuasive which means that they can deviate you from your path of getting your rightful claim.

If it is a regular motor vehicle accident, you should think about settling for the amount that the insurance company offers. But in the case of rideshare accidents, things get complicated when the driver is at fault or was off duty. It is very difficult to determine the responsible and accountable party. This is why it is important to hire timely legal help when you find yourself in such a situation.

Understand Your Rights After A Rideshare Accident

  • If you have sustained any injuries in a ride-sharing accident regardless of whether it was by your cab driver or another, you are in a position to claim damages for your medical and economic losses.
  • You can claim compensation from the insurance company of the driver of your cab or of the other cab who was at fault. 
  • You must attend to your injuries and make a visible effort to get better. Continue your medical treatment so that you can get reimbursed for the same when you seek compensation. 
  • As a victim of such an accident, you must also be prepared to retrieve all the critical information such as the contact number, identification, insurance information, email, and license plate number of the driver at fault.

Final Thoughts

If you have been in a rideshare accident, you will have to be a little more proactive. This is the only way to get your rightful compensation for your injuries from the parties at fault. 

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