How to Choose the Right Car Stereo for Your Vehicle

If you love to hit the road every now and then, you are possibly a big fan of listening to music, audio books, and podcasts while you drive. If you are swinging to bring in one of the best infotainment systems, car stereos can be a good choice for you. 

Many renowned companies are offering different high-performance car stereos for customer satisfaction. But no matter how many companies are there, you need to pick the suitable one for you.

It sometimes becomes confusing when you get more than one suitable option. But since car stereos are expensive, and you can't keep on changing your car stereo, you must learn to pick the one and only option that fits your requirement and budget.

But if you don't know how to compare different car stereos, read this article till the end. Here we're going to talk about some basic information and features of car stereos you must look for.

What to Consider While Choosing Car Stereos

What to Consider While Choosing Car Stereos

1. Car Make and Model

The best way to cut down your options for car stereos is to know which models are friendly with the make and model of your vehicle. 

Not only will it help you to find the right size, but it will also determine whether the default speakers of your car are capable of processing the audio output of the new car stereo you are choosing.

2. Type

If you want to go for an entry-level car stereo, you may encounter the CD player models. DVD receivers are more advanced than the basic stereo models and have oversized screens to display movies or apps. 

But suppose you are ready to spend for the most feature-rich and best car stereos. In that case, you will get the digital media receivers that stream music via smartphones.

3. Features

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Many car stereos are Bluetooth enabled that let you enjoy hands-free operation and calls. Depending upon the model you settle for, you will be able to navigate the stereo menu with voice commands.
  • Android/ iOS Compatibility: If you want to take complete advantage of the Bluetooth connectivity and streaming capabilities, you need a smartphone with updated versions of Android Auto or Apple car play. Once you connect your smartphone, the touch screen of your stereo will mirror the screen of your smartphone to create a user-friendly and familiar interface.
  • Audio Features: Let's get it straight, the more you spend, the better audio feature you can include in your car stereo. The introductory CD player/radio models offer graphic equalizer and allow sound customization to some degree. The high-end models of car stereos have numerous settings that you can adjust and tweak.

4. Price 

The basic models of car stereos may cost you $150 and below. If you want to have an all-inclusive system with high-tech features and a larger screen, you may expect to spend up to $1100.

5. Warranty

For all the car stereos, customers get limited warranties that vary considerably between car stereo models. While some models will offer you a coverage of 90 days, the others may come with a warranty of as long as three years. 

While making the purchase, you must know what exactly is covered under the warranty terms. We also recommend you visit the manufacturer's website for more details.

Final Words

Choosing the right car stereo can be a hard task. There are numerous types of car stereos in the market giving you a hard time in deciding which one to go for. However, to simplify your decision, we have listed above some of the considerations you should consider to get the right car stereo for your car.

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