Should I Buy a Pre-Owned Audi R8?

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Wondering whether or not you should buy a pre-owned Audi R8?

For any car enthusiast, owning a supercar is a dream come true! However, one cannot sideline the running costs and the fortune it costs a person to buy a supercar. Passion for cars is the one that doesn’t come cheap. 

But, when there’s a will, there is a way. If you are determined to buy a supercar, you can always shop used and get a bang for your buck! Especially when we talk about the wondrous R8. However, purchasing a used is a red flag for some people, and often they are left thinking whether or not they should buy a used car. If you are one of such people, this article is for you! We will discuss whether or not you should buy a pre-owned Audi R8. 

So, let’s get going! 

Wheels and Tire Sidewalls

Many people commend the Audi R8 for its outstanding reliability for a supercar. However, we would be lying if we didn’t tell you that it doesn’t come without a catch. Whenever checking out a used Audi R8 for Sale, ensure to check the car’s alloy wheels and tire sidewalls. 

These parts of the Audi R8 are prone to curbing damage, which can be a problem in the long run for you. If there are signs of reducing damage, it’s not a big deal. However, you can negotiate the owner down for the price. Fixing Curbing damage is as simple as getting them refinished. 

Is it a Tracked Car? 

If you are considering buying pre-owned Audi R8, this is something that you will want to pay close attention to. Many owners of the R8s take the supercar to its biggest enemy, the racetrack. While we agree that private circuits are one way to appreciate and enjoy the power of this supercar, we cannot ignore how much it wears down the car.

Tracked cars often are used hard, as their drivers go badly on the brakes, clutches, gearboxes, not to mention the effect that it has on your engine. So, you must ask for proof of regular maintenance of the car, but be thorough if you come across a tracked car. 

Eventually, you will want to avoid a car if you suspect that it has an incomplete service history. Furthermore, ensure that the car owner has not used any non-Audi garage or a performance-car specialist for servicing the car. 



Be thorough when inspecting the car. You will want to check out corrosion in the radiators and oil cooler pipes. The corrosion in either of the parts can result in a leak, which affects the car’s performance and will make you want to end up being at a service center more than often. Many things, including leaks, will lead your R8 to accelerate slowly!  


Audi R8 has an elaborate diagnostic system that starts emitting a light whenever there is a problem with any part of your car. Be on the lookout for engine warning lights. Pay attention to these warning signs and read a guide about lights so you can identify the scope of the problem. 

If you see any light indicators on a car, it’s always best to inquire about the car owner beforehand. If you buy the vehicle and any of these issues occur afterward, be swift in making an appointment with the Audi service department. 


Check for any repairs on the car, especially on the vehicle’s exterior body. The body of the R8 is made using aluminum, which helps the vehicle achieve beautiful looks and impressive performance. However, as a buyer, you must keep in mind that it’s not cheap to fix any damage on the car’s body since the crash repairs of this car are specialized. 

Even the minor parking dings can cost you a lot of money to repair, so ensure that you thoroughly inspect the car for any damage. Also, check the car’s suspension as it will significantly impact your driving experience. 


If you find the car with the perfect exterior, don’t be baffled by its looks, as there is more to inspect. After exterior, jump into the car and get the feel of the vehicle. See if the car’s interior feels comfortable and resonates with your driving style. However, if you ask us, the car’s interior is rather ergonomic, with good cabin space. 

Nevertheless, the carrying capacity is a bum. 


Take someone with knowledge about car parts. If you are looking for a manual R8, that car’s clutch lasts around 20,000 miles. Factor in an additional 3.5k pounds to have it replaced. 

So, if you don’t want to end up spending extra money on the car, it’s always best to get it inspected beforehand. If you have to replace the clutch, ensure that you use trusted vendors. Using trusted vendors is one way of enhancing your car’s performance

Running Costs 

Audi R8 is a supercar, so keep in mind that this one is not light on the pocket in terms of the car’s running costs. Let’s talk about the servicing. The servicing on this car is fixed at 12 months or after driving for 9K miles. Another option allows you to get the service after two years or after driving 19K miles. 

Whether you buy a V8  or V10, minor service will cost you about 485 pounds and 895 pounds for a major repair. Furthermore, factor in the brake fluid replacement after every two years, which goes for 99 pounds. 


Up until now, there only has been one recall for the R8s, issued in 2011. If you are buying a convertible R8 from April 2009 to June 2011, this concerns you. 

There is a possibility of these cars being prone to fuel leaks since the pipe is locator too close to the heat shield. So, you will need to get the pipe inspected and replaced, also isolated from the heat shield. In such cases, it’s best to ask the owner about this recall. If they haven’t gotten it done, you wouldn’t have any other choice but to send your supercar for repairs. 

Alternatives to a Pre-Owned Audi R8

There are many cars on the horizon, which often makes it hard to stick to just one car. So, if you are open to considering other vehicles, or for some reason, you are not going to go for an Audi R8, below are some of the alternates for the German super-coupe.

Porsche 911

This supercar from Porsche is highly cheered on by your fellow car enthusiast, and for all the excellent rep it has, we are sure you have heard about it as well! If you are shopping for an R8, it’s only sensible to put Porsche 911 on your list of backups. This car is just as good as R8 in terms of user-friendliness and also comes with more seating capacity! However, the R8 is still a viable choice. 

Nissan GT-R

Nissan has its fair share of supercars out there, and to be honest, they give the other supercars a run for their money! Like the Porsche 911, the GT-R is also a four-seater and comes at par in terms of performance with the R8.

However, the GT-R stands at a loss by the badge and complex electronics of the car. However, many people see the worth of this car and it’s parts, and they find a workaround for these limitations to keep the fantastic vehicle! 

  • While these two come directly close to, there are other cars too. If the budget is not a problem, you can consider the Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari F430, or the Ferrari 458 Italia.
  • The Aston Martins V8 and V12 Vantages are also good choices. However, the R8 beats both of them by a mile in terms of handling. 

Final Words on Pre-Owned Audi R8

From what we can tell, the Audi R8 is one of the most impressive cars. However, unlike many other unique cars, this one does not need special treatments. Granted that it may cost you significantly more to own and run an Audi R8 as compared to your standard coupes, but you’d also be an owner of a super cool car. 

So, if you are looking for a car that can help you go 0-62 mph in mere seconds, a pre-owned Audi R8 is the perfect buy. Moreover, the exotic interior, driving features, and safety features ensure that you get the most bang for your buck.

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