Signs You Need to Replace Your Car Battery

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If you have a used or older car, or even a new car with a fault, you may need to replace your car battery. Here are signs that you need to replace it, ASAP.

Your car battery is a dynamo style battery, which means that it charges itself by sending current around the system. However, interrupt that cycle by leaving the lights on while the engine is off, and that car battery may die.

Freeze the electrolyte mixture in the battery compartments or expose it to evaporation through extreme heat, and that battery will no longer work. Here are the signs that your car battery is about to give up on you.

How Long Does a Car Battery Last?

Experts agree that a car battery starts to deteriorate after about 4 years. To keep your car in tip top shape, you ought to be replacing your car battery no less than once every five years. If your car is used, it may need a new battery sooner than you think. Searching online for the best car battery can keep costs down while giving your car maximum power.

The weather is not kind to car batteries. Prolonged exposure to coastal climates can lead to corrosion of the battery. Asides from this, extremes of heat will evaporate the electrolyte solution inside the battery and cause the innards to erode. In extreme cold, those parts can even freeze, leading to a seized up engine or the need to jump start.

What are the Signs Your Battery Needs Replacing?

There are several signs that could indicate your battery needs replacement. Here are the obvious symptoms that something is wrong.

Loss of Starting Power

If your car struggles to turn on then it could be a sign something is wrong. An engine turning over again and again with no ignition means your battery is struggling to produce that spark. It may work fine when it is running, but that’s your alternator doing its job and recharging as you move.

Wonky Electronics

car electronics

If there seems to be no end to faults in the electronics which run your car, then you may need a new battery. Look for lights malfunctioning on the dashboard, number displays returning momentarily to zero, and failures in your lights.

More Gas Than Usual

If you need more gas than usual to start the car, then it could signal a battery problem. If this comes with a clicking when you turn the key, you could need to replace your car battery soon. 

It won’t Jump Start

If you can’t jump start it, the battery might be dead for good. 

Dim Headlights

If you notice a significant dip in headlight power, it could be due to one of three things. You may need new bulbs, you may have accidentally turned the height of your headlights down, or you could be losing battery power.

The Main Indication That You Need a New Car Battery

The main sign you need to replace the battery in your vehicle is the warning light on the dashboard. You should have a red light near the speedometer which tells you there is something wrong with the battery. Do not disobey engine warning lights and make sure your car is safe on the road.

Replace your battery if you see any of these signs!

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