The 3 Best Ways to Save Money On A Car You Own

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Trying to figure out ways to save money on a car you own? Check out these helpful tips!

With inflation running wild right now, people are rightly looking for ways to save money and increase savings in all facets of their life. Luckily, there are a number of areas that provide an excellent opportunity to save money. Car ownership is costly; however, it is one area that offers many opportunities for saving. 

Most people know that a car is expensive and just keep paying every month without understanding that there is money-saving potential. It can take a little bit of creativity to find those savings, though. In this article, we will go over several ways to reduce the cost of car ownership

oil change

Get an Extended Warranty

Many people pass up the chance to get an extended warranty when they buy a new car, but it’s a good way to save money on a car you own. They feel like it is not going to be worth the extra money. Although it does add cost to the purchase of the car, it will pay for itself in the long run. Car repairs are very expensive and always seem to happen at the worst time. 

If you have an expensive luxury car then your costs are going to be even greater when something needs to be fixed. A BMW extended warranty is going to offset those costs since you will be covered for many repairs further down the line since repairs are more expensive for this model.  

You can buy the extended warranty at any time so if you are nearing the end of the original warranty then you can purchase one at this point. Whenever you purchase it, it is important to understand the coverage so you can choose the right one for your needs. 

Reduce Your Insurance Premiums

Insurance can be quite expensive but at the same time, there are ways to lower your premium. The first thing to do is to shop around. Many insurance companies have wildly different pricing for the same coverage. Not only that, but they would love to poach a customer from another company so often offer incentives to switch your provider. 

You can save money on a car you own, even hundreds per year by switching to another company. It is worth the time to do some research and make a few calls for quotes. 

Another area to save is by checking your coverage. Chances are that you’re overpaying since you have coverage for items that don’t apply to you or aren’t worth it. Look for the comprehensive items that you can let go of and it will save you even more money. 

DIY Maintenance

A lot of routine maintenance doesn’t need to be done by a mechanic. They charge a lot for labor for many small repairs or routine maintenance that can be done at home. Oil changes are a prime example. It is a very simple procedure to change your oil and filter. In just about 15 minutes you can do it yourself and save.

Changing your brakes is a bit more complex, but you can also do this yourself. Get some tools for the job and watch a few YouTube videos and you can definitely do the job. This will save you hundreds every few years. 

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