The 3 Worst Things to Do When Driving Your Car

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Distracted driving is something that is very dangerous but many people often take it lightly. What many people don’t realize is that distracted driving is just as bad as driving while intoxicated and can be just as deadly. According to Steve Rice criminal defense lawyer, law firms are busy these days taking on cases of people that are texting while driving, for example. 

This means that there are a few things that you really need to avoid doing when you’re driving. To stay safe on the road it is very important to just drive and leave all other activities for when you are not behind the wheel. In this article, we will go over several of the worst things that you can do while driving. 


When you receive a text, it is very tempting to read it and respond even while driving. It will only take a second, you figure. However, reading a text and then responding takes your eyes off of the road for up to five or six seconds at a time. Your car will travel a considerable distance in that time. 


If there are cars stopped ahead of you, or your car is drifting you won’t even realize it. This is a major cause of accidents and is something that you should never consider doing. It’s a good idea to turn off notifications when you are driving to avoid the temptation to look at your texts. 

Another thing to do is to pull off of the road if it is something that is an emergency so you can read and text in peace.


You may feel like it’s alright to eat and drive since you have your eyes on the road. However, there is still a high level of distraction when you are trying to drive and eat at the same time. Things happen quickly when you are driving and you have to be ready to react quickly. This is impossible when you eat and drive. 

Your hands are tied up with what you are eating when they need to be on the wheel to try to avoid an accident. A car can cut you off, or a child can run out into the road. If your hands are not on the wheel it will be hard to avoid an accident. 


It is logical to try to save time in the morning before a long commute and kill two birds with one stone. When your commute is more than an hour you probably want to try to sleep as late as possible and do some of your getting ready in the car while driving. 


This means that many people will use an electric shaver to shave or to put makeup on. This is the worst time to do this even though you might be in slow-moving traffic. The time that your eyes are off the road plus the fact that your hands are not on the wheel is a dangerous situation waiting to happen. 

Worst Things to Do When Driving and Now You Can Avoid Them!

Now that you know the worst things to do when driving you can actively avoid doing it! Be sure to not do any grooming, eating, or texting so that you don’t get hurt, or hurt anyone else.

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