The Application of 3D printing In the Automotive Industry

Technology is growing at an incredibly rapid pace. Not only can you find cars with more advanced technology, but you can also find more and more cars with more 3D printed components and custom auto parts! There are so many ways to integrate 3D printing in the automotive industry now, that you may be surprised. 

The applications of 3D printing in the automotive industry are astounding. You can customize your car with unique upgrades. More and more manufacturers are including 3D printed tools for building their cars. There are companies that are printing three-dimensional parts for older, custom cars. There are even car companies that are toying with the idea of completely 3D printed vehicles!

Using this incredibly advanced technology in custom parts is only just the beginning. Read on to find out exactly how automotive companies are using 3D printing. Not only to create better, but also more efficient vehicles!

3D Printing in the Automotive Industry for Custom Parts

There are lots of reasons why your car may need a custom part. Whether the car you are fixing up is older, and the parts are no longer manufactured, or you simply want to design your own exhaust system, anything can be custom built. That’s where 3D printing makes it easy for you. 

3d printing in the automotive industry


Creating custom parts can make any job very easy. Not to mention unique! Each part that is designed and custom printed will make the car one of a kind. Not only that, but also a truly custom build. 

How to Order Custom Parts

There are several ways that you can acquire 3D printed custom auto parts. Here are a few ways you can find the parts you want, as well as need, using 3D printing: 

  • Websites - There are several websites available that will not only allow you to build your own designs, but also create new custom parts! Your custom auto parts will truly be one of a kind. 
  • Manufacturers - If you’re not an engineer, and don’t have the time to design your own custom parts, then you can always reach out to the manufacturer. Not only do they have access to creating 3D printed parts, but they can also create them for any number of car models! 
  • Get a 3D Printer - All things considered, this would be the most costly way to go about building custom parts. However, if you have enough uses for your 3D printer, then it’s a solid investment! Buying your own 3D printer, as well as using it to build your own designs, can be a great way to finish a custom build! Not to mention you will be able to download and print off other people’s designs as well!

Custom car parts are one of the most effective and innovative ways to implement 3D printing in the automotive industry. Overall, it is also an incredibly cost effective way to get completely custom parts for your vehicle. 

Tools for Manufacturing

Another way that car companies are using 3D printing is to create custom manufacturing tools. Companies like Volkswagen are already using rapid manufacturing techniques using 3D printed tools.

After successfully using 3D printing to create custom tools in 2014 in their Portugal factory, Volkswagen has outdone themselves. They have made these unique manufacturing tools a part of their in-house operations now for years. Not to mention they have improved their own productivity, and saved a LOT of money

Being able to create their own tools will also allow companies to create more innovative tools and stream line the building process. Not to mention make more ergonomic and helpful tools for workers and staff within the factory! 

As more and more companies consider creating their own manufacturing tools, the costs for production are going to go down significantly. This not only brings overhead costs down for car companies, but for the customers as well!

Classic Car Restoration and More Customization

The restoration of a classic car is truly an act of patience. It requires a lot of time, as well as a lot of experience. Because classic car parts are so hard to come by, before the invention of 3D printing, car restoration also included a lot of time hunting for the right parts. 

However, with the dawn of 3D printing in the automotive industry, it has become easier and easier to find the best parts for your classic car build. Not only can you build your car using the original designs, but you can also create custom parts to increase vehicle performance!

Not only can you build classic car parts, but you cal also take your car to a whole other level of customization. From gear shifts, to spoilers, as well as so many other custom parts! Not only that, but spare parts as well. Your entire car can be customized and unique by using 3D printed originals!

gear shift


Creating an Entire Car from Scratch

As the 3D printing tech becomes more and more sustainable, there are many companies that are contemplating using three-dimensional printing techniques to make entire cars! That’s right, the entire car would be created from a 3D printer. Not to mention motorcycles and off road vehicles as well. 

Manufacturers like Local Motors in Arizona, as well as Italian company XEV are creating electric vehicles that are entirely 3D printed. The cars are only for low-speed, local trips at the moment. However, as the technology advances, more and more companies will be able to successfully market cars that are completely made using a 3D printer! 

Who knows what these advancements can lead to in the future! Whether it’s increased safety features in newer models, or higher speeds. 3D printing in the automotive industry has nothing but growth. 

3D Printing in the Automotive Industry is the Future!

Using 3D printing in the automotive industry is the future of custom car parts, classic car restoration, as well as manufacturing tools and more unique cars! Not to mention vehicles that can be completely 3D printed saving time and money. There are so many applications for three-dimensional printing in the automotive industry. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!!

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