Toyota Corolla: The Legendary Sedan

The Corolla has been Toyota’s cash cow for ages now. The vehicle has been the bestselling vehicle line for the manufacturer and has been on the top charts for its category. Besides being a hot seller, the Corolla is also a sensible, well-built, and reliable sedan for city travelers. 

However, Toyota has changed that all up with some additional sparkle in the latest generation Toyota Corolla. 

The 2021 model comes with hybrid technology and an upgraded facelift. The hybrid technology improves fuel efficiency, while the facelift helps provide a significant increase in the fuel economy of the car. The sedan offers exemplary boot space and comes in three variants.


Kerb Weight



Unleaded Petrol

Steering type


Drive Type

Front-Wheel Drive

Feature 4

Feature 4

Towing Capacity

Brake:1300 Unbrake

Fuel Tank Capacity

50 litres

Fuel Consumption

6.3L / 100km




5 years


1.6-litre Direct fuel injector



Toyota Corolla Review 

Our Toyota Corolla Review

The latest Corolla ticks all the boxes a Corolla is supposed to tick. The car is well-made, provides a reliable interior, and is even cheaper to run thanks to the hybrid variant. The aesthetics have significantly increased as the new Corolla is handsome and comes with a beautiful exterior design. 

Almost all Corolla variants come with LED tail lights, Bi-LED lights, and daytime running lights for added efficiency. The infotainment systems have been amped up with an 8.0-inch touch screen, Apple Car Play, Android Auto, Bluetooth, and a comprehensive reversing camera. 

The mid-range SX adds to these standard features with auto-folding mirrors, proximity key access, privacy glass, satellite navigation, DAB radio, and the perfect charging pad for your wireless radio. Besides this, the ZR variant adds to the experience with 18-inch alloy wheels, which is an upgrade on the 16-inch offered by the other variants. 

It comes with leather seat trims, a heated front, auto-dimming rear-view mirrors, and an upgraded computer display at the tip of your fingers. The eight-speaker JBL audio system is also quite an addition. 

The standard color for the 2021 model is Glacier White, while you can get premium options for an extra $500. Premium options include pearlescent blue, metallic, mica, silver, black, red, or grey. 

One constant across all variants is the safety provided by the Corolla. The car comes with seven airbags, and a decent emergency braking system that can detect cyclists and pedestrians.

The car also features road-sign assist, adaptive cruise control, active lane-keeping assists, and automatic high-beam. Corolla received a 5-star rating from crash tester ANCAP. 


The Corolla isn’t just a budget car, it is built as solid as a rock and comes with exciting features and aesthetics. So, even if your loyalties don’t rest with Toyota, you can go ahead with the purchase because this Corolla offers a decent return on your money.

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