10 Amazing Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Car

Car maintenance is more art than science. You want your car to last as long as possible, and you need to get amazing performance from the car every day. There are ten tips listed below that will help you keep your car in the best possible condition. You can go to your mechanic to have services done, and you can do some of these things at home. Continue reading if you are ready to invest a little time in your car that will help you extend the life of the vehicle.

1.  Use Premium Gas

Use Premium Gas

Premium gas has been cleaned more than regular unleaded gas, and you will get better performance because the fuel burns cleaner. Some cars even require premium gas, and you should read the owner’s manual to ensure that you are using the appropriate fuel.

2.  Change Your Oil Every 3000 Miles

You must change your oil every 3000 miles. As soon as the car tells you that it is time to get your oil changed, you need to go to a service station or mechanic who can change the oil for you.

3.  Use Gas Treatment

When you use gas treatment, you can improve the performance of the fuel even more. Because of this, you will feel as though the engine runs smoother. If you have not used gas treatment before, you can buy it at your local auto parts store. Pour the gas treatment in with your next tank of fuel, and use the gas treatment in recommended intervals. In most cases, you do not need to use gas treatment with every tank of fuel.

4.  Rotate Your Tires

Go to your mechanic to rotate the tires. Your tires will wear more in the front than in the back, and you need to move the back tires up front so that they will wear evenly. This is also important for a truck trailer company because long haul trucks travel tens of thousands of miles every year.

5.  Balance Your Tires

Balance Your Tires

You can also ask your mechanic to balance your tires. If the tires are out of balance, your gas mileage will drop significantly. Plus, you will need to drive the car much harder and faster to get up to speed on the highway. The tires will wear unevenly, and you will need to replace them sooner than normal. This is true for bigger vehicles especially. In fact, any trucker you know would definitely give you this suggestion. Any truck trailer company  would tell you not balancing your tires is essentially sticking your neck out, especially when you are into driving cross country. 

6.  Check Your Tire Pressure

You can check the tire pressure with a pressure gauge that you keep in the car, and you can check the pressure in each tire. You can compare the pressures with the sticker that is on the inside of the door. A truck trailer company does this to avoid blowouts on the road, but normal drivers often forget about tire pressure. Plus, the outer edge of the tires will wear more than it should. The tires are not supposed to wear in this spot, and they will break down much more quickly.

7.  Use Cruise Control

When you use cruise control on the vehicle, you will not overuse the engine on the highway. The cruise control button allows you to set a speed on the highway, and the car will maintain that speed until you change the speed. You can drive on the highway much more efficiently, and you will not overwork the engine while trying to stay up to speed on the highway.

8.  Schedule Milestone Services

You should schedule maintenance services with your mechanic in regular intervals. You can set up a time every three months to get your oil changed, and you can go to the mechanic to get the engine flushed, transmission flushed, and brake fluid flushed. You can ask the mechanic how much life is left in your tires, and they will even check your brakes for you.

9.  Check Your Brakes

You need to ask your mechanic to check your brakes for you. When your mechanic takes a look at the brakes, they will let you know how much life is left in each brake pad. The mechanic typically tells you when it may be time to replace the pads, and you could get ceramic brakes that will never wear out. Better brakes are far more efficient.

10. Listen To Your Transmission

If your transmission is making odd sounds or not shifting the way that it should, you should go to your mechanic for help. The transmission will wear down just a bit over time, but you need to get the transmission repaired before gears break or cause more damage inside the transmission casing.

Ready to Make The Most Out Of Your Car?

Each of the above tips should become part of your car service routine. You can write down all the services you do to the car, and your mechanic can send you reminders for the service appointments you need to make. Each service will extend the life of your car and save you money.

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