Two Ways to Upgrade an Infotainment Center in Your Older Vehicle

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Wanting to find ways to upgrade an infotainment center in your older car? Check out this helpful guide to making your older beater drop some major beats. It may sound daunting, but just like learning how to charge your new electric bike, or putting together a shelf, there are instructions and tips to help you!

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Technological Advancements

In today’s world, technological improvements happen rapidly. There is hardly any occasion when anything purchased 5 years ago is considered new. New gadgets and apps solve problems, create opportunities or rid us of the inconveniences, yet the smartphones they are installed on could stay the same.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about our vehicles.There is rarely an occasion when vehicle features can be upgraded, apart from cooler paint job, or engine and drive enhancements. Still, most of the time, upgrading the vehicle’s infotainment center, like you would upgrade your phone’s IOS, could have solved so many problems be it outdated navigation or music and entertainment center.

The good news is – a somewhat similar solution exists in the form of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Being able to upgrade an infotainment center is made easier with technological advancements.

Introduction of Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Ferrari FF, 2014 model, was the first fully compatible vehicle with Apple CarPlay. Other manufacturers have followed the suite since. Moreover, in 2017 after a collaboration, Google, Intel, Audi and Volvo released Android Auto.

Nowadays, almost all vehicles of all makes come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. That’s great, but what of the vehicles made before 2014 or 2017?! And not only them, but the newer ones as well that did not get the upgrade?


Upgrading Head Unit with Vertical Screen

The aftermarket solutions come handy when you need to upgrade your older vehicle with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Depending on your vehicle’s OEM system, a couple solutions might be available for you. First and foremost, you can always replace your head unit with the vertical touchscreen.

Simply put, without much hustle of setting up and configuring, instead of old buttons and knobs, you can get a Tesla like vertical screen as a main display adapted to run Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Moreover, the interior of your favorite vehicle would be complemented as the right device would fit like a glove.

Aftermarket Upgrade Devices for Apple Carplay & Android Auto

Yet another solution might be available if your vehicle is running on a compatible system and you have no desire to alter the appearance of your head unit. Apple Carplay and Android Auto upgrade an infotainment center easily and solutions can be connected directly to your vehicle’s head unit from behind. It can enhance the infotainment center by giving you wireless connection with your phone.

With such an upgrade, you can enjoy your favorite apps in your vehicle. Moreover, some of the best aftermarket Apple Carplay upgrade devices also let you keep manufacturer default features in your vehicle.

Where to Find Qualified Help

If you are searching for the solutions to upgrade to newer tech, there are certain key points to consider. First and foremost, you would need to check your vehicle’s compatibility. Afterwards, clarify the features you would be getting and retaining with the upgrade. And last but not least, get the installation guidelines.

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