What Are the Most Common Vehicle Repairs?

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Common vehicle repairs can really add up, and it’s very important to understand what they are and when they need to be done. Vehicles are complex and in order for them to function correctly, hundreds of different parts need to work in harmony.

If just one small component malfunctions, it can impact the whole vehicle and cause it to stop working correctly. In some cases, a small malfunction can result in the vehicle completely breaking down.

That’s why it can be difficult to determine the exact problem when a vehicle breaks down. Mechanics need to use their investigative skills to identify the problem and resolve it quickly.

As a driver, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll need several repairs over the years. Some repairs are more common than others because certain parts of every vehicle are exposed to more friction or tension than others.

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Many vehicle repairs can be costly, especially if they take several hours to fix at the garage or if multiple car parts need to be replaced. Taking good care of your car will minimize the number of repairs that it needs over its lifespan.

Getting a GM extended warranty will reduce the costs of many repairs if your vehicle runs into problems. If you want an extended warranty, get in touch with the car dealership where you purchased your vehicle or contact a third-party warranty company.

Here are some of the most common vehicle repairs. 

Clutch Replacement

Clutch replacement is by far one of the most common car maintenance tasks. In manual cars, the clutch is used constantly to change gears. As a result, it is exposed to a lot of wear and tear over the years.

If your clutch starts to feel loose or slips when you’re driving, or if you start to find it difficult to properly change gears, it might be time to replace the clutch in your car.

To improve the lifespan of your foot, try and transition from gear to gear as smoothly as possible. Avoid sitting at red lights with your clutch down and, instead, use the handbrake.

Alternator Replacement

The alternator generates electricity to power the battery in your vehicle. This is one of the most common vehicle repairs on models five years or older.

One of the first warning signs that your alternator needs replacing is the battery warning light appearing on the dashboard. Eventually, you will find that your vehicle doesn’t start properly or that the motorized windows in your car stop working.

Every vehicle manufacturer recommends replacing the alternator after a specific timeframe. However, you may need to get it replaced earlier than the manufacturer’s recommendation if you spot any of the above signs.

Battery Replacement

If when you turn the ignition in your car, the vehicle doesn’t start, there is likely a problem with the battery. You might also find that the battery terminals are worn away or eroded when you take a look under the hood.

Batteries contain acid, which can leak out over time, especially if you drive often. To extend the lifespan of your battery, clean the corroded battery, avoid leaving your headlights turned on when the vehicle isn’t in use, and take a long journey every so often to recharge the battery.

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