What to Look for in a Car Repair Shop

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Trying to find the best car repair shop for you? Here are some great tips!

Not everybody who knows how to drive a car understands the ins and outs of how a combustion engine works. As a result, people who rely on cars to get around don’t know the first thing about what’s going on under the hood.

How do they know a trustworthy mechanic when they find them? Today, you can leverage modern technology to make finding a great mechanic effortless. Here’s what that process will look like.


Industry leaders like AutoOneService.ca have websites that let motorists schedule appointments remotely, through their computer or phone. Just submit a form outlining some basic contact information and info about the vehicle that needs repairs, and you’re done!


Foreign and Domestic Vehicles

Some auto repairs are very simple… if you have the right part. Vehicles made in Germany or Japan may have rare parts that are difficult to source in Canadian cities like Toronto or Halifax.

If you drive a foreign car, you’ll need a mechanic and a car repair shop that has the parts. Even if you don’t, you can be assured that a body shop filled with rare foreign parts will have the piece you need.

Hybrid Services

Many vehicles built today are hybrids, meaning they are fueled by a combination of gasoline and electricity. Hybrid drivers need special services that may be beyond the scope of traditional body shops.

Services they offer should include:

  • Factory scheduled maintenance
  • State of health battery testing and conditioning
  • High-voltage battery testing and conditioning
  • Heating and cooling system repair
  • Transmission fluid flush
  • Brake system repair and maintenance

Hybrids are wonderful vehicles with a smaller carbon footprint than older cars that run on gas. Look for a technician that can look after it properly, so yours stays in great shape.


When you have a problem with your vehicle, the last thing you want to do is run around town to different mechanics to get it fixed. For one thing, you may need to leave your car in the shop and attending to all the repairs may cost more time than you have, in addition to the nuisance of multiple trips.

Look for a mechanic that can handle everything from oil changes, winter tire services, and repairs. Whether you need ordinary maintenance for an automatic or standard machine, you shouldn’t have to schlep to different body shops.

The best auto shops boast new high-tech diagnostic equipment alongside old-fashioned know-how when conducting wheel alignments, repairs to brakes and electrical systems, and even larger things like custom exhausts or timing chain replacements.

Safety First

Finally, the best mechanics double-check the car repair shop work by testing it on the road. By the time you get in the car, you’ll know it’s safe for you and all your passengers.

People rely on their cars for the minor and major things in life, from getting the weekly groceries to visiting friends and family. If you don’t have a mechanic you can trust with your vehicle, keep the above tips in mind during your search.

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