5 Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Auto Transport

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When it comes to getting ready to prepare your vehicle for auto transport, there are a few important things you need to know. You can’t just load up your car and hope it gets to its destination safely. You have to plan ahead. However, don’t worry! The do’s and don’ts of shipping your car are simple to follow. 

In order to help you prepare your vehicle for auto transport, here is a list of five tips that will definitely get your car ready to go!

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Keep Your Documents Organized

After you’ve shopped around for a reliable company to ship your car, it’s time to get all your documents in a row. That means every piece of paper you may ever need for your car is in one place, organized, and ready for what may come. 

Most companies that do state to state car shipping, or international shipping, are reliable and will take care of your car. But with any kind of transportation, you never know what could happen along the journey. It’s best to have all of the records for your car safe and in one place.

Here are the documents you will need to have with you while you prepare your vehicle for auto transport: 

  • Insurance paperwork
  • Contract with transportation company
  • Registration
  • Title (if you have it)
  • Proof of Maintenance
  • Lease, or Dealership contract

By having all of this documentation organized first, you will be able to deal with any problems that may arise while your car is being transported. 

Understand Fees and Charges

Before you sign a contract with a shipping company, it’s important that you understand all of their fees and charges. Don’t get blindsided by fueling fees, or up-charges for mileage. The more you know about your contract, the more comfortable you will feel with your auto transport company. Not to mention you will be able to plan ahead financially!

Clean Your Car Beforehand

One of the most important things you need to do to prepare your vehicle for auto transport is to clean your car. It should be cleaned both inside and out. The clean interior will allow you to have your car looking amazing when it arrives at its destination. While the clean exterior will be helpful in spotting any damage that may have occurred while it was being transported. 

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Update Maintenance

If you are moving and transporting your car, it’s important to have all of your maintenance updated before it leaves your possession. This way, your usual mechanics can do the service and you don’t have to find new ones at your car’s destination. 

It also helps that if there is an issue after delivery. If your car won’t start, or you have problems with the tires, you have proof of maintenance. That way you can easily handle the problem with the transport company. 

Take Pictures

Before your car is loaded onto the transport of your choosing, be certain to take pictures of the interior and exterior of your car. This will help if there are any dings, damages, or if your car gets lost or stolen. Make the pictures as detailed as possible. Including pictures of your tires, all the mirrors, etc. 

Not only should you have pictures of your car before transport, but also during and after if at all possible. That way you can more easily see if anything is damaged or missing. 

Prepare Your Vehicle for Auto Transport Like a Pro!

Now that you know how to prepare your vehicle for auto transport, you can easily get started today. Make sure to understand your fees and have all your documentation. Not to mention get your car clean, have the maintenance updated, and take lots of pictures. Following these helpful tips will help you get your car ready for transport like a pro! 

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