Why You Should Compare Car Shipping Rates from Auto Transport Companies

Transporting a car from one location to another is not something you see everyday. Most people prefer to drive their cars than have them transported. However, there are instances where it’s easier and more convenient to find affordable car shipping rates and use an auto transport service than driving.

According to the IRS and based on studies, driving your car costs you about 54.5 cents for every mile. This takes into consideration the energy consumption, cost of maintenance, from your car windshield to your car paint and wear and tear of the vehicle. This does not, however, add the lost time and physical stress you may go through as the driver. You can read more about this here.

Let’s assume you are moving from New York to Atlanta and you decide to drive your car to your new location. You will be driving for a total of 873.2 miles which will take you approximately 14 hours. At 54.5 cents for every mile, the cost of driving will approximately be $478.62.

If it is for a longer distance, say like from Texas to Pennsylvania which is about 1,626.1 miles apart. You will be driving for about 24 hours and cost would go up to $886.22. If you look at this cost, the time it will take and the stress it will cause you, leaving this task to a transport company is actually a cheaper and less stressful option.

This is simply about making smart choices. Instead of driving, you can spend the time doing more useful and productive things without stressing yourself. Not to mention saving money!

When transporting a car the first thing that you should think about is how much it will cost you. It can be easy as long as you know what to check to make sure that you get the best deal. To start, it’s best that you know the shipping rates of each company, make comparisons, and look at the benefits that they offer. To know more, you can check here.

Factors to Consider car shipping

Factors to Consider when looking for a Transport Company

Knowing the cost of any service you use is very important. This is the same when looking for a transport company. Once you have set a budget for your transport needs, then all you need to do is find the right company to assist you in taking care of your vehicle. All these can be done by researching and comparing prices.

Getting car shipping rates can help you determine if a company has a good reputation but before selecting one, it’s important for you to ask yourself the following questions:

Do I Trust Them?

Trust plays a big part in closing any deal. Since your car may be one of your most valuable possessions, it is important that you choose a company who has a good reputation to keep your vehicle safe during the transport process. To know more about the transport process, you can go to this link: https://auto.howstuffworks.com/under-the-hood/auto-manufacturing/auto-transport.htm

You can check reviews, look at ratings, ask friends or even the company’s staff to get insights about their delivery and overall quality of their services. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau since it’s a legit source when checking for company ratings and credentials.

Do They Value My Time?

Everyone values their time so it is very important that a company puts their customers first. Delivering your vehicle on time is a good example of this. This ensures that you do not get stuck without a car for a few days.

Is My Car Safe?

Safety is always a priority. You need to ensure that the company has a good reputation in keeping their vehicles safe during transit. The first thing to check would be knowing if their drivers are qualified, knowledgeable and trained to handle different situations that may rise while traveling. In addition, it would also put you at ease if you know that the company you are getting has top notch equipment to make sure that your vehicle is kept safe.

Comparing Car Shipping Rates

Getting and Comparing Car Shipping Rates

One way is to search for as many auto transportation companies that you can find near you and send a request for a quote.

Another way is to coordinate with a quote site or intermediary. Instead of sending quote requests from different companies, you can have an intermediate site do it for you. They request for all relevant information from different car shipping companies, such as the terms and rates. This option is faster and more convenient. You will also be able to avoid untrustworthy companies are are only after your personal information that their salesperson can offer you their services. Though this may not be a bad thing, you would not want them to pester via phone or email you all the time.
Car shipping rates

Car shipping rates and the services offered by transport companies are different from one another. Once you receive the quotes, you will see their differences. Comparing rates will allow you to get the best company to help you with the transport process. It can be tiresome and time consuming since you need to look at all the prices and compare the services they offer. It’s best to take some time and effort in checking everything before choosing one to haul your vehicle. 

By doing so, you will surely find the company that fits your budget without compromising the delivery time and safety of your vehicle. Doing all of these will definitely be worth it when you see your car in your driveway, safe and sound.

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