How to Keep Your Windshield in Good Condition

Your windshield is what protects you from debris while you’re out on the road. And obviously, it’s that part of the vehicle that keeps out rain and intense sunshine. For these reasons, you wouldn’t want to pass up keeping your windshield in the best possible condition. When it comes to caring for your windshield, you will have to make sure you use the right approaches.

Here are a few quick tips that will help you keep your windshield in good condition.

1. Keep away from sunlight

Whether you’re going to the beach or just parking your car outside the office, it’s important that you keep your windshield from direct sunlight as much as possible. Prolonged exposure to heat can wear down the glass and worsen any existing cracks or damage on the surface. Moreover, exposure to UV rays can decrease the tint of your windows, which can be costly to replace.

The best thing you can do is to park in places where there’s enough shade. You can also purchase special covers to protect your windshield and windows from too much sunlight. It will only cost you a few dollars to buy one, but that's nothing compared to replacing the whole glass due to sun damage!

2. Fix the glass before the damage gets worse

If there’s damage on the glass regardless of the size and severity, it’s important that you bring your vehicle to an expert who can help in repairing your chipped windshield, whether it’s because of a rock or a traffic collision.

A good rule of thumb here is to avoid waiting before you take your car to the repair shop. Small chips caused by debris can lead to massive damage, so it’s best that you have your windshield fixed immediately. You can just imagine the money you’ll save on major repairs.

3. Choose the right glass cleaner

When you’re cleaning your car, soap and water just won’t do when you need a sparkling and clear windshield. Soap tends to cause fading and makes the glass foggy. For this, you will need to choose a good glass cleaner to wipe away any dust, grime, and bugs from the glass.

However, you will need to find a glass cleaner that in not overloaded with chemicals that could damage your windshield. Ammonia-based cleaners are obviously a big no-no for tinted windows, so make sure you choose a cleaning solution that doesn’t have ammonia. To be sure, you can use an organic, water-repellent cleaning solution that’s cost-effective and safer to use on glass.

4. Use microfiber cloths

If you’re going to clean your windshield by hand, a rubber squeegee windshield cleaner just won’t do. The rubber can leave noticeable streaks on the windshield. That being said, you should make use of a microfiber cloth to wipe the glass dry after you have rinsed it with a pressure washer.

This is a much safer alternative to using old rags that can leave ugly soap smears. Also, make sure to avoid soft sponges as they may cause ugly scratches on the surface of your windshield.

For your windshield wipers, make sure the heads are thoroughly cleaned. As much as possible, you may want to replace these every three months. This will ensure that your windshield doesn’t get scratches during heavy rains.

5. Take care of your windows

Aside from the windshield, your car windows should also be properly taken care of. You can use the same approaches when cleaning or repairing your windshield. For this, you will have to avoid slamming your car doors to prevent cracks. You should also cover your windows with reflective material, such as a sun shield, to prevent sunlight from damaging them while your car is parked. Also for some safety and less long-term in the rainy weather, make sure you have a water repellent handy.

Keep Your Windshield in Good Condition Long Term!

Taking care of your windshield can be demanding work, but the payoffs are well worth it.  With these tips in mind, you can keep your windshield in good condition. That way, you won’t have to waste time and money on fixing damage that is otherwise avoidable.

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