Covering Your Car: The Ultimate Reasons

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Congratulations! You have made the first right decision and bought a car. Now, it would be much easier as you have a vehicle that you can indeed depend on. It is time to make the second right decision and get a car cover. You may be thinking that it could make for an additional expanse only. 

Hold on! Let’s reconsider that assumption. 

Below you will find important reasons to obtain a cover and protect your car. 

Bird Poop

Some cultures believe that bird poop signals good luck. Two poops, even better. Although you might be thinking the same way, your car would disagree with you. The bird bomb contains chemicals that can damage your car’s paint if uncleaned too long. You may want to leave it to attract good luck, but later, you will need a solid degreaser to take it off. 

Animal Scratches 

If you have a pet, you may have noticed some interest they possess in your car. In general, animals try to get into the car at all costs. Cats are adamant in this case, and they can scratch the vehicle and viola! You need to pay to fix the scratches or repaint them. Also, if you live next to forests or gardens, other animals, such as squirrels, may leave marks on the car. 

Dust and Dirt 

These two omnipresent factors are worth avoiding. On the one hand, you may think that they will cause no harm. On the other hand, having dirt and dust on your can for a long time makes you spend more money washing it. Also, if you are living in areas with abundant green, pollen can make your car yellow. So covering your car will maintain its fresh and clean appearance much longer. 

Weather and Heat 


Car covers make for an attractive solution to protect your car from the surprises of mother nature. 

Today, it is sunny, and your vehicle, especially the interior, gets so hot you cannot even sit there. The UV rays are affecting it too. Tomorrow, it will rain, and your car will be covered with traces of rain. This can result in your car’s paint wearing off. In this case, you can opt for special waterproof car covers to keep your car neat. 

Car Theft 

This may sound surprising, but the statistics show that covering your car hides it from the thieves’ eyes. The reason is that thieves try to target a vehicle that is the easiest to steal. If your vehicle is covered, it would inevitably take more time to steal it. Thieves don’t want to spend time uncovering it. Hence, your car remains safe even without your presence. 

Your Neighbors and Strangers 

Yep, familiar and unfamiliar people can damage your car too, although carelessly. There can be children painting next to your vehicle in the yard, and suddenly that paint would appear on your car. The same can happen when your neighbors are doing some renovation and accidentally spray some liquids on your car that again lead to paint fallout. 

Buying a car is the first investment. The second should be taking care of it and making it serve you as long as possible. To secure that, make sure to get a nice and firm car cover and use your vehicle for the years to come.

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