7 Ways to Make Your Old Car Look New

Car owners spend a lot of time on them. Whether it’s driving to work, picking up groceries, or driving the kids to soccer, your vehicle will eventually start to lose its luster. It may be challenging to part with your car, especially if you just paid it off. If you still want to get more life out of your beater, implement some of these tips and tricks to make your old car look new again.

1. Clean Your Old Car to Make it Look New!

Sometimes all your car needs is a brief clean-up. You may already have the car of your dreams, but it just needs a little TLC! Take all of the large garbage out of your vehicle, and use a vacuum to clean up all the crumbs. For a cheap organization tool, use your glove compartment and place all of your needed items in Ziplock bags. This includes maintenance paperwork, iPod cords, or phone chargers. To keep your car clean, dust it once a week. 

2. Buy a Private Number Plate

Number plates will start to look old over the years you’ve owned the car, and they’re rarely replaced or cleaned. As long as the number is visible to other drivers, you aren’t breaking any laws. However, you can find number plates for sale at various online retailers. According to Number1plates, private number plates make excellent investments over time, especially if they're particularly rare.

Plus, you can add some personality to your car by customizing your plate with a particular number or letter combination. 

Make old car new again

3. Replace Floor Mats

Your floor mats are one of the first things to get ruined in your vehicle. Your dirty or snowy boots will destroy the mat, and sometimes frequent cleaning won’t get all of the dirt off. Floor mats are cost-effective because weather-appropriate rubber floor mats can be as little as 10 dollars. They will also keep your floor free of mold and dirt.

Another thing you could consider is getting a floor mat set that is tailor-made for your car model. Custom-fit mats provide full coverage to the vehicle floor and look better overall. 

4. Clean Windows

Smudges, dirt, and salt can make new cars looked aged. Take your vehicle to a self-wash, so you spend less money on cleaning. If you have equipment at home, like a sponge, a hose, and a mild dish soap, you can do it on your own property. A newspaper is useful for cleaning all types of glass, but a microfibre cloth works just as well to make your old car look new again! 

5. Repaint Exterior

A new paint job can make a massive difference in the overall appearance of your exterior. Colors like red, grey, white, and black are cheap, and the service can be done in less than a day. If you can’t afford to paint your car, wraps are a better option. Unlike paint, you can truly customize the exterior of your vehicle by adding zebra stripes, or multiple different colors.

6. New Tires

Buying new tires can improve the look of your vehicle because dirty rims or punctured tires look messy. Wheels will start to show their age after the 125K mark, so buy new, high-performance wheels that are the perfect marriage between style and substance. Replace hubcaps is they’re missing, or clean them thoroughly until they shine.

7. Better Car Speakers

An older car stereo can age your car, especially if it’s from the same era as the year you bought it. Many old cars ca easily fit new stereo systems inside and installing them takes little manpower and effort. Instead of an 8-track player, you can install something that can play CDs, or you can upgrade to a touch screen Sirius Satellite Radio if you have the room.

All things considered, there are many ways to update your sound system. As long as your new radio system has an AUX cord attachment, you’ll be able to listen to music from your phone by connecting it to your headphone jack.

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Make Your Old Car Look New Again with These Helpful Tips!

Finding different ways to bring a little life back into your older car doesn't have to be difficult! Whether you simply clean your car, get a paint job, or add new speakers, there are plenty of ways to make your old car look new again! Follow these seven tips and you'll be on your way to feeling confident in your old ride. 

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