3 Best RCA Cables For Car Audio In 2022 Reviewed

Updated Oct 14, 2021

RCA connectors are commonly used for the transfer of audio and visual signals. You must use the best RCA cables for car audio if you want to get the best sound from the car speakers.

RCA cables are responsible for transmitting audio signals to the amplifier from a car’s receiver. These signals are then picked up by the speakers. The quality of the RCA cables plays a major role in determining the quality of the sound coming from the speakers.


Why Do I Need The Best RCA Cables For Car Audio?

best rca cables for car audio

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RCA cables used in a vehicle audio system must be shielded from the disturbance and vibrations caused by both the computerized parts and the mechanical components in contemporary cars.

Shielding prevents these exterior electrical signals from impacting on the sound. RCA cables are long lasting and affordable, which is why you need the best RCA cables for your car audio.

How Do They Work?

The RCA cables provide a connection between your Smartphone and your car’s speakers, making it possible to listen to music from your phone through the speakers.

There are several options available in the market, and a brief review will help you make an informed decision.

What To Consider When Buying RCA Cables For Car Audio

best rca cables for car audio

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RCA cables for car audio will be exposed to a lot of stress and interference. To ensure that the RCA cables you get can withstand the rigors of use on the inside of a vehicle and work well for a long time, pay attention to the following features and specifications when making your choice.

Sound Clarity

The best RCA cables for car audio should transmit sound in a very clear way. Hissing and popping sounds should not be heard from the speakers.

Good RCA cables deliver crystal-clear sound by reducing interferences and static noise and ensuring the signals flow efficiently.

Poor quality RCA cables, on the other hand, are susceptible to interferences. They can pick up noises and ruin the sound quality.


While it is important that the cables are strong and rigid, they should not be so stiff that they risk breakage with repeat use.

Flexible cables also provide room for maneuverability eliminating the need for extra-long RCA cables.

Additionally, the connectors should attach well to various devices without being too loose or too tight. This will prevent the loss of signals and ensure there's no distortion of sound.


It is important to consider the length of the cables when purchasing. Depending on your needs, you can select from very short to very long cables from the available brands. RCA cables come in lengths ranging from 3 to 25 feet.  

That being said, short to medium-length cables deliver the best audio quality. The cables should be just long enough to go from the source of audio to the amplifier. Keeping the cable as short as possible ensures efficient signal transfer and high-quality audio output.


Always match the quality of the cables you buy to the quality of the devices that you will be using the cables on. High-quality RCA cables provide excellent value for money in terms of both performance and durability.

Using low-quality cables on high-quality devices may be cheaper in the short run, but you will not get the best performance and value for money. Furthermore, using substandard cables may damage your devices in the long run.

Double Shielding

When used with a car audio system, the RCA cables will be under constant pressure from the vibrating engine. They will also be subjected to sudden shocks whenever you hit a bump on the road, accelerate, or brake.

Not only should the cables be strong enough to not break easily, but shielding is also essential to protect the wires inside the cables from damages and the signals from interference. For the best quality signals, go for RCA cables with dual-shielding.

Dual-shielded RCA cables use braided copper shielding to prevent radio frequency interference (RFI) and aluminum foil shielding to keep electromagnetic interference (EMI) at bay.


The materials the cables are made of determine the performance as well as the durability of the cables. Pay attention to the following parts of the cables:

  • 24k gold-plated connectors are ideal. Pure gold provides top-notch signal transfer and is resistance to corrosion and tarnishing. Silver-coated connectors also have excellent signal transfer but they are susceptible to corrosion, which makes them less than ideal.
  • Use of an insulator such as polyethylene foam in between the conductor and the shielding is essential to prevent loss of signals and ensure you enjoy crystal-clear sound output.
  • Finally, the core of the RCA cables for car audio should be plated with tin. This coating slows down oxidation and prolongs the life of the cables.

Review Of The Best RCA Cables For Car Audio

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  • Dual-shielding
  • Tin-plated copper core  
  • Unique Y-splitter design
  • Beveled step down plugs
  • Fully molded and flexible
  • 24K gold-plated connectors
  • Polyethylene foam insulator

This Fospower audio cable allows for smart phones to be connected to your car’s speakers. This cable has a unique design that makes it possible for plugs to be easily connected especially when your devices have bulky cases.

One thing that makes these cables the best RCA cables for car audio is the fact that there is minimal signal loss during transmission and that they also transmit very high-quality sounds. Each cable has a gold coating to prevent corrosion as well as reduce any tarnish, and they come in a Y-splitter design.


  • Dual shield for maximum protection of the cables
  • One can charge the device while the cables are connected
  • Have a gold coating to prevent corrosion
  • Minimal signal loss
  • High-quality transmissions to ensure great sounds from the speakers
  • The ends of the RCA cable have a rubber grip for firmness when handling them, especially in tight areas


  • The ends of this cable are a bit tight and risk breaking off easily if not handled with care
  • The cables are molded from the inside. It makes it hard to repair them without causing further damage


  • Double shielded
  • Oxygen free copper core
  • Three years manufacturer warranty
  • Reinforced 24K gold-plated connectors
  • Supports amplifiers, AV receivers, and Hi-Fi

These are some of the best RCA cables for car audio due to their premium quality. The core is double shielded with copper, so no risk of RFI interferences.

They come with a two head stereo connection that transfers signals, even on Bluray, and they are male to male RCA cables. Their high-quality ensures there is no static regardless of where they are being used, and they come in six different sizes.


  • They come in various lengths and can be used for various purposes
  • They are corrosion resistant due to the protective coating used
  • They are double shielded with copper and thus no risk of RFI interferences
  • Visually appealing and come with a warranty
  • Great sound transmission
  • They are labeled with red and black colors for ease of identification of polarity


  • They are stiff and may be easily damaged if not handled with care
  • They may not fit tightly, and a small bump may cause them to disconnect


  • Dual-layer shielding
  • Tin plated copper core
  • Polyethylene foam insulator
  • 24k gold-plated connectors

These cables allow for 2RCA male to 2RCA male connectors that are coated with gold to eliminate tarnish and reduce any corrosion. The cable shields are coated with aluminum foils and copper layers, which helps reduce RFI interferences while making the cable very flexible.

Loss of signal is not a concern with these cables as they have a polyethylene foam insulator. The core of the cable is platted with tin, which reduces oxidation and gives the product a long life.


  • Fospower cables are gold coated to prevent any form of corrosion, ensuring long life
  • The cables are easy to use and have different colors to provide clear directions on where to insert each cable
  • The cables come in different lengths to suit different customer needs
  • They have polyethylene foam insulators to reduce loss of signals
  • They have two shielding layers for enhanced protection
  • Very flexible and easy to use
  • Very minimal signal loss due to the use of polyethylene form dielectric insulator


  • Uses the analog audio interface
  • They may not fit as snugly as you may want them to

Only THE Best RCA Cables for Car Audio!

With so many available options in the market, choosing the best RCA cables for car audio has been made easier, and it is important to look at the specifications of each cable.

Do not plug and unplug the cables unnecessarily to avoid damages to the connectors. 

Customer reviews will also be a great guide on the most functional cables based on your needs and device quality. So read the above reviews attentively and choose the best RCA cables for your car.

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