Car in the Shop? Three Things to Keep in Mind

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Life does not always run smoothly. The same thing goes for your car. Sometimes, our vehicles need a tune up, or even a major repair. But we don’t always react well if we have to put our car in the shop. 

Instead of having a meltdown, there are tools to help you through a regular maintenance routine, or even an emergency repair. If your car is in the shop, here are three things to think about while it is getting fixed!

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Hitching a Ride

One thing to always keep in mind while you have your car in the shop is that there is always a way to get a ride. So whether you need doctor’s appointment transportation, or you simply need to run to the store, you have options. 

Here are a few things you can do if you need a ride somewhere while your car is in the shop:

  • Uber, Lift, Taxi – There are always ways for you to pay for a ride. You can use the Uber, as well as Lift applications and services, or you can simply call a local taxi company. 
  • Public Transportation – There are LOTS of ways you can get around using public transportation. Look into bus services, metro services, as well as subway and other options in your area. Even the most rural towns should have a way to help you. 
  • Phone a Friend – All things considered, your friends and family may be able to help you with a few errands here and there. Give them a call and ask them nicely, or prepare for the service ahead of time.

If you find yourself without a vehicle for a while, there are always ways you can get a ride. Whether you call in an Uber, or find a family member to pick you up, you have choices!

Do Not Panic About Price

One of the most terrifying parts about having your car in the shop is getting the bill. Just remember not to panic about the price.

Most shops have a detailed list of services they do, as well as their price lists for those services. If you get a phone call that says your minor tune up turned out to be something else, it is pretty jarring.

There are also ways you can work out a payment plan with most major repair shops. All you have to do is ask!

Keep in mind you may have coverage under your warranty, as well as coverage through insurance. So whether it is a transmission replacement, or a simple tire rotation, check to see your coverage before you have to pay out of pocket!

Needs to Be Done

The last, as well as most important thing to remember is that it needs to be done. Your car is a major part of your life and how you get from here to there. However, that investment should be looked after.

Sometimes you can’t help that your car needs to go in for service. Yearly maintenance should ALWAYS be done. No matter what. It is measured by time, as well as mileage

For instance, your oil can be changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, or every three to six months. Whichever comes first. 

Just keep in mind that your car is in the shop for a reason. Altogether, it’s a big inconvenience. However, it is necessary! This will keep you safe, as well as other people on the road with you!

Keeping Your Cool with Your Car In the Shop!

There are lots of reasons why you could wind up with your car in the shop. Whether it’s routine, or you need an emergency fix, these three things to keep in mind will help you keep your cool.

There are always options for rides, you shouldn’t panic about pricing, and you definitely need to get that service done for your safety. Not to mention the safety of others! Keep your cool with your car in the shop and you’ll be back on the road before you know it! 

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