8 Caravan Cooling Tips for Summer

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Summer is the best time to go on a road adventure. The weather is friendly and you’d always clear blue skies during summer. The only thing that makes summer tricky is nasty heat. You shouldn’t worry though as you can easily deal with it if you’d take note of the following caravan cooling tips!

Expert Tip #1: Proper Ventilation is Key

caravan cooling tips

Maintaining proper airflow is everything if you want to ensure an enjoyable summer road adventure. You need to make sure that air can easily go through all parts of your caravan. How to do this? Simply do the following:

  • Open your caravan’s doors and windows. Doing this will ensure that heat and hot air are not trapped inside. 
  • Pop out your caravan’s pop-top and open its vents. Doing this will allow hot air to escape. It will also effortlessly allow cool breeze to enter your caravan. 
  • Take care of your windows and doors as much as you to your water pumps and filters to ensure they work properly.

PRO TIP: Inspect your surroundings before doing the following. Don’t do the following if your caravan is in an area with lots of mosquitoes and insects. To ensure that you can always easily open your windows, do install mosquito nets. 

Expert Tip #2: Insulate 

You will benefit so much from insulation during summer. Most think that it’s only beneficial during winter but such is a big misconception. Solid insulation is also fabulous during the summer months because it will allow your caravan to easily keep cool air in and keep hot air out. Proper insulation will allow your caravan to be at a cooler temperature for longer periods. 

Expert Tip #3: Smart Lighting Choice

Decrease the heat inside your caravan by changing its lights. You should be using fluorescent or LED lighting during the summer months. The two kinds of lights are perfect because they don’t generate as much heat compared to incandescent and halogen lights. LED lights are also extra fantastic because they use less energy. If you want your caravan to be more environment-friendly, going all out using LED lights is highly advised. 

PRO TIP: Don’t throw away your halogen and incandescent lights. They will be of good use during winter as they would generate more heat. 

Expert Tip #4: Optimize Curtain Usage

This is a very simple but highly effective trick. You can easily maintain your caravan’s cool temperature by ensuring that your blinds and curtains are always down. This tip is highly effective because it ensures that no excessive sun rays get through your caravan. 

PRO TIP: If you use curtains, you should invest in thermal drapes or blackout curtains. Thermal drapes have reinforced material that effectively blocks lights and keeps heat out. Good thermal drapes can reduce sunlight by up to 90%. Look for ones with blackout technology if you want to totally eliminate light and noise from the outside. 

Expert Tip #5: Invest in a Caravan Air Conditioner

This tip is a no-brainer. It’s a very simple solution that is sure to truly keep you cool all summer long. Look for the Best air conditioning for your caravan. Know your caravan’s type and look for one that can efficiently keep it cool all day long. If you’re not that crazy about air conditioners, you could also look for mobile fans. Mobile fans are cheaper and are equally effective when it comes to keeping a caravan’s cool temperature. 

If you’re going to opt for an air conditioner, look for one that is energy efficient and sustainable. Always opt for environment-friendly products at all costs. 

Expert Tip #6: Declutter

Yes, decluttering will make so much wonder when it comes to keeping your caravan cool. A small caravan with too many items can easily be too hot. To avoid such a scenario, just do a major caravan clean-up. Dispose of everything that you no longer use.

Clean everything that you’d still want to bring with you. The more space there is in your caravan, the easier it’d be for air to just smoothly flow everywhere. You’d be amazed at how much decluttering will improve your overall caravan experience! You’d have so much more space and you’d have lesser items to clean! It’s a potent simple trick! 

PRO TIP: For decluttering to not be overwhelming, you can opt to do it for only five minutes every day. Pressuring yourself to finish everything in just a day will only end up discouraging you from beginning the work in the first place. Go slow and easily adjust to your own energy flow and ideal schedule. 

Expert Tip #7: Outside Cooking

If you want to keep your caravan cool at all times, you should never ever cook inside. Cooking inside is fatal because it will create so much internal heat. Your windows, doors, and air vents can only do so much if they have to deal with heat from cooking.

To ensure that your caravan does not suffer from trapped cooking heat, simply opt to always cook outside. Use outdoor grills and mobile barbeques to make your cooking experience more convenient and enjoyable.  It is harder to pack up and keep your RV ready to roll at all times, however, it is worth it to keep the excess heat outside!

Expert Tip #8: Consider Trees as Your New Best Friend 

To maximize summer road trip fun, you should always look for trees! Trees should be your new best friend as they will provide you with cool shade during the summer heat. Camping near large shady trees is the ultimate best because you’d enjoy so much of the cool breeze while being protected from the sun. 

PRO TIP: Always look for trees on your western side as they will provide the most shade during the hottest hours of the day. 

Caravan Cooling Tips for Your Next Holiday!

There you have it! All in all, our tips can help make your next holiday in your caravan comfortable and even more fun. Use these caravan cooling tips for your next trip to make living in your RV that much better.

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