RV Grey Water and Black Water Tanks Check-Up

When it comes to grey water and black water tanks in your RV, there are a few things you should know! All the water used in your RV is called grey water. However, the water that is used when the toilet is flushed is called black water. Regularly checking in on your water tanks is extremely important for the life of your RV!

Cleaning Tank

How to Clean Your RV Water Tanks?

In a word, the water tanks in your RV are ESSENTIAL. But what is the difference between tanks? The water used for showering, cooking, washing dishes, and any other water needs is grey water. Whereas the black water tank is used alongside the toilet!

Just like having your car serviced, you HAVE to clean your RV tanks! If you don't clean your tanks, or check up on them regularly, it could have dire consequences for your RV! Here are a few helpful tips on how to properly check up on your black and grey water tanks. 

Step 1: Emptying Your RV Black Tank

Whenever you empty your grey, or black water tanks, you should always remember to do the black tank first. Because the black water tank is not as "clean" as the grey water tank, the water from the grey tank can help to flush out the remaining waste in the RV emptying tube. 

Here are the steps you need to take: 

  • Attach hose on exterior of RV
  • Open tank valve
  • Empty the black water tank
  • Empty the grey water tank
  • Close valve
  • Rinse hose

The final flush will help get rid of tissue (toilet paper) and waste, which is necessary for preventing clogs. If you don't clean the tank properly you can wind up damaging your RV water tanks! If you're worried about damages from not doing it properly in the past, you can look into something like the Good Sam 5th wheel extended warranty. But with these helpful tips, you'll be a pro in no time!

Grey Tank

Step 2: Grey Tank Overflow

There are times that the grey tank can overflow. For instance, if you have your washer and dryer on, hold the gray water tank valve open. Because water can fill your tank and begin bubbling out of your drains!

Before opening the black water tank valve, always test the sewer link. First, let out some of the gray water. Secondly, you can open your black water tank. But only if the tube is safe and there are no leaks. Lastly, dump the gray water out and it will rinse the hose. All holding tanks have a tracking system that allows the RV owner to know when to fill up and when to dump the water. 

It's a good idea to throw on some music, or a podcast, because sometimes this takes a few minutes! All in all there are a ton of options out there to make the time fly by!

Step 3: RV Black Tank Flushing

Besides emptying your tank after use, you will want to clean your RV black water tank more thoroughly from time to time. Because waste can build up in the tank, causing clogs. 

Many RVs come with a flush valve for the RV black tank. You simply tie a hose to the rinse valve in this situation and run water into the tank to flush it out. If your RV is not fitted with a tank flush from the manufacturer, you can add an aftermarket flush valve easily!

Portable RV Waste Tanks

Unfortunately, not everyone finds the idea of emptying tanks with a hose something they can do. Not only are there alternatives, but they are simple to use as well! A mobile RV disposal tank is great if you camp somewhere without sewer hook ups.

These waste tanks not only allow you to empty the contents of your black and gray water tanks into an external tank, but also allow for easy transport to a dump station! Portable waste tanks for RV typically have wheels and a handle.

RV Water Tanks Care

All in all, dealing with your RV grey and black water tanks your own is certainly one of the most uncomfortable fields of using a RV. However, it can save money on the road and allows for the privacy of a private bathroom in your RV!

Checking in on Your RV Grey Water and Black Water Tanks Made Easy!

Taking care of your RV will not only save you money in the long run, but will keep your RV running smoothly for years! In addition to the regular maintenance, cleaning and caring for these tanks is so important. Check ups for your grey water and black water tanks is made easy with these helpful tips! 

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