Denying Valid Car Accident Claims: Insurance Claim Tactics

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Curious about insurance claim tactics and how they can work against your valid car accident claim? Read on to learn more!

After a car crash, those involved in the collision rely on their insurance coverage to help alleviate the financial burden. While policyholders pay large sums every month for coverage, the unfortunate reality is that some insurance companies engage in tactics to devalue or outright deny valid car accident claims.

If you or a loved one suffered serious financial losses or injury after a crash, your insurance company should provide the services promised under your premium. Unfortunately, insurance companies leverage a variety of tactics to avoid paying out valid claims.  

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Creating Delays and Lengthy Investigations

One of the primary tactics employed by insurance companies is to delay the claims process or launch lengthy investigations. Doing so often leaves claimants frustrated and financially vulnerable, as they must pay out of pocket for expenses while waiting for their claim to be resolved. 

“Insurers might intentionally delay the claims process, including requests for additional documentation or repeated investigations, in an effort to frustrate the claimant into accepting a lower settlement,” note accident attorneys at Rosenthal Law.  The prolonged process can pressure individuals to accept lower settlement offers simply to end the ordeal quickly, even if it means undervaluing their claim.

Offering Lowball Settlement Amounts

Insurance companies are known to offer low initial settlement amounts. The low offers  are designed to test claimants’ willingness to negotiate or their knowledge of the true value of their claim

Some individuals, eager to avoid lengthy court proceedings, may accept these insufficient offers, unaware that they can negotiate for a more reasonable settlement. Consider connecting with a legal professional for a free consultation to explore what your case may be worth before settling with the insurance company. 

Disputing Liability 

Insurance companies may try to shift blame onto the claimant or argue that the other party involved shares responsibility for the accident. By disputing liability, they aim to reduce the amount they have to pay out, or avoid liability entirely. 

Using Pre-existing Conditions for Reduced Amounts

When an accident aggravates pre-existing injuries or medical conditions, insurance companies may seize the opportunity to attribute the majority of the claimant’s medical expenses to those pre-existing conditions. This disingenuous tactic can result in partial or complete denial of the claim, leaving victims burdened with hefty medical bills.


Claiming Medical Care Isn’t Necessary

Another method used by insurers to reduce payouts is to challenge the medical necessity of specific treatments or procedures. Insurance companies may argue that certain medical interventions are excessive or unrelated to the accident.

Surveillance and Monitoring

Insurance companies may employ private investigators to conduct surveillance on claimants, hoping to find evidence that contradicts the severity of their injuries. Surveillance can include social media accounts, looking for any posts or pictures that suggest the claimant’s injuries are less severe than claimed. 

Unreasonable Policy Interpretations

In some cases, insurance companies may interpret their policies unreasonably or selectively to avoid payment. The company may argue some damages or losses are not covered under the policy, even if the claim is legitimate, to take advantage of the claimant’s lack of understanding of complex insurance jargon.

Protecting Your Right to Compensation 

Facing a car accident is a challenging experience, but dealing with unreliable insurance companies can make the experience even worse. By understanding the tactics commonly employed by insurers to devalue or deny valid claims, victims can be better prepared to protect their rights

Seeking legal counsel and staying informed about one’s rights and options are crucial steps towards securing the fair compensation one deserves after a car accident. 

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