7 Essential Tools for Car Maintenance

It doesn’t matter if you are a motoring enthusiast, or even an automotive professional. Because car maintenance is something every car owner needs. Being able to fix your car, as well as keep it up and running, is extremely important. All things considered, everyone needs their cars in order to go to work, drop the kids off at school, or even buy food! However, it's important to keep your wits about you, as well as have the best tools for car maintenance!

Why Should I Get Tools for Car Maintenance? 

Car maintenance isn’t the sole reason professional garages and mechanics are so busy. Anyone, can take responsibility for the upkeep of their own vehicle. Not to mention previous research has revealed that 16% of Australians are prepared to work on their cars at home. For so-called “backyard mechanics” and professionals, one thing is universal: the need to have the right tools to get the job done right!

Not only can you maintain your vehicle, but you can also learn the skills to make it like new again! If you have the right tools... Here are seven essential tools for car maintenance that can ensure future safety and reliability!


It almost goes without saying that visibility is key in any successful car maintenance job. If you can’t see the work area clearly, the results won't be what you want them to be. A vehicle has many parts that are under other parts, as well as shaded by larger parts. Because seeing what you're doing means doing it correctly, lighting is essential!

Impact Wrench

There are several types of wrenches that can be considered essential tools for car maintenance. But an impact wrench often proves indispensable. As so many parts require tight nuts and bolts for safety as well as security, the torque output of an impact wrench can often be more reliable. All in all, it is tighter and better for your car than doing it by hand.

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The engine is the heart of your car. Any faults within its moving parts can be expensive to replace. If there are signs that an engine isn’t performing as desired, digital tachometers monitor the rotation of the crankshaft. Overall, they are used to prevent overheating, insufficient lubrication, or excessive throttle application.

Diagnostic Code Reader

With today's technology, it is possible to save time looking for problems by using a diagnostic code reader. This device plugs into a car’s OBD-II port and shows a code that corresponds with a specific problem. The Australian equivalent of this is known as ADR 79/02, which applies to all cars from 1 July 2008.

The code displayed on the reader can be cross-referenced with a user handbook to isolate the problem. All in all, the modern day tools for car maintenance basically require a code reader! 

Tire Inflator

The tires of a car should be the only part in contact with the road. Therefore, it’s vital not to ignore them! Under, as well as over-inflated tires create significant safety concerns. Using a tire inflator, you can get the correct pressure for your specific tires. Not to mention you can do it with minimum effort in just a matter of minutes with minimum effort.

Trolley jack

You've worked hard to have the car of your dreams. Taking care of it is a priority, and for maintenance tasks that require working underneath the vehicle itself, trolley jacks are a must. Low-profile jacks are suitable for most makes and models. However, some cares may require using hydraulic lifting pumps to really get underneath your car's undercarriage. 

Working under car

Hydraulic Press

A hydraulic press isn't something you would think about instantly for essential tools for car maintenance. However, it can offer significant advantages, especially for those working on older cars. Altogether, where bent parts need straightening, or rusted parts require separating, you can use your hydraulic press!

The Best Tools for Car Maintenance for YOU!

Of course, these are just a few of the most essential tools for car maintenance. The machines and equipment required will depend on the type of tasks that you need to get done. 

All things considered, you don't need ALL of these tools for car maintenance that were listed. However, if you're going to properly maintain your vehicle, you'll want the best of the best! Find the right tools for your car maintenance needs that fit YOU!

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