How to Hook Up Tweeters in Your Car

Do you want to improve car audio system? Then, you need to know how to hook up tweeters in your car. Tweeters are the only medium to cover high frequencies where your normal speakers can’t reach. Therefore, this is the best way to have a well-balanced music in your car. Installing the tweeters in the car is not hard at all. In fact, this is a simple process to complete.

Components speakers work well with the tweeters for enhancing the quality of sound. Although they are expensive than coaxial speakers, they are easy to install and provide good quality sound.

This is important to install the tweeters properly for getting good sound. You can redirect sound signals coming from the amplifier. You can use lower frequencies for the woofers and higher in your tweeters or vice-versa.


Tweeters mounting options

There are many options to mount the tweeters in your car. However, you must mount the tweeters over the woofer for getting good sound. The mount options are:

  • Surface mounting
  • Flush mounting
  • Bottom mounting

Each of the mounting options is good for a specific placement. You can’t use any mounting for a random area of the car. In fact, you must know where the mounting can work properly. 

How to Hook Up Tweeters in Your Car

What are the common placements for tweeters?

You can’t place the tweeters anywhere you want. In fact, there are some common locations where you can set the tweeters for better sound sense. Moreover, they are easy to install on those placements because of the design.

Sail Panel:

The corner of the door’s window is the right place for the tweeters. You can install your new tweeters on the location. Most of the latest cars come with a factory tweeter on that location too.

Sail panel


You will also find factory tweeters on the dashboard of the car. Basically, you will need to make a bracket for the dashboard tweeters. In this case, you must use the right tools and equipment for the dash tweeters.


Upper Door:

If your car does not come with factory tweeters, then, the upper door is the right place for placing the tweeters. In this case, you will need to make a large hole in the panel for installing. Basically, the flush mounting option will work better for the upper door section.

Upper door

Step by step process to hook up tweeters in your car


First of all, you need to disconnect the negative terminal of your car battery. Otherwise, this would not be safe for you to connect the tweeters. On the other hand, this will protect you from any type of short circuit to damage the components.


Now it is time to access to the speakers safely for making the connection. The different car offers different speakers connection and placement. Therefore, you need to have a good idea about your car’s model.Find out the place of the speaker and where you have mounted the tweeters. Then, you will need to remove the panel so that you can get the access for further work.


You need to remove the old stuff from your car. Remove the old wires with the speakers and tweeters of your car. Normally, a screwdriver is enough to remove the connection.


After removing the old wires, you need to add crossover cable with the main power source. If you are not connecting the positive (+) and negative (-) source properly, this may not work properly. Make the connection with the head unit or your amplifier.


When you are making the connection to your tweeters and woofer from the crossover, you need to know the right frequencies for them. Generally, the most suitable option is to set high frequencies for the tweeters and low for the woofer. Otherwise, this will not work as you expect.


When your connection is completed, you should check the sound quality. Does it work properly? Then, your connection is safe and sound.


Now you need to relocate the tweeters again. Use the cordless screwdrivers so that you can re-mount the tweeters properly. When you are remounting them, you must set it properly. The screwdrivers should be tightening properly.


Now you do not need any professional for mounting or installing the tweeters. You know how to hook up tweeters in your car properly. So, you can go through our step by step process to complete the project.

Before you are starting hooking up tweeters, you must have the right screwdrivers and other tools. Otherwise, you can’t work properly for mounting the tweeters as well as connect with the crossover.

Don’t forget to read the manual instruction of the tweeters and your car’s audio system for this purpose. Some manufacturers offer a specific guideline for making the connection. As a result, the guideline could give you better support too!

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