How Long Does Plasti Dip Last?

Plasti Dip is an air-dry rubber coating ​solution that can be used for ​home improvement to automobile customization. Plasti dip is ​commonly used on vehicles.

But, how long does plasti dip last? It is an important question for the people who want to use the coating. The rubber coating can protect the car in many ways. Therefore, you need to understand the right way and time to apply plasti dip on your vehicle.

​Let's ​discuss how to apply plasti dip correctly and how long ​plasti dip lasts.


How Long Does Plasti Dip Last?

How Long Does Plasti Dip Last 2


Depending on the ​use, it can ​last up to 3 years without any retouch. However, it is important to apply the coating properly​, otherwise you can’t get long-lasting service from the rubber coating.

You need to use right portion of coating for durable service. Also, the bonding and quality of the coating play a significant role. The spray distance is another important determinant of the durability of the coating.

Determinants For Getting Long-Lasting Plasti Dip

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There are some ​factors that ​can affect how long ​a plasti dip lasts. You need to follow this process for plasti dip so that you can ​get longer lasting performance.

First of all, you will need to spray the plasti dip slowly in a sweeping motion.


Y​ou need to ​working slowly when you ​apply ​plasti dip, and ​keep a distance of 6-8 inches ​when spraying the material.

Second, you always need to give time for drying the first layer.


It will take 15-30 minutes ​to dry. However, you should not use any​thing that can ​speed up the process as this can reduce the life of the ​layer.

Third, you need to understand the importance of more layers of plasti dip.


The more you ​apply, the more durable it will become. Moreover, it will become easy to peel-off because of the extra layers. There is no specific number of layers suggested by the experts. However, you can apply more than five coatings each time. It will ​benefit and protect the car surface and wheels.

Fourth, you need to prepare the surface before you apply plasti dip.


You need to clean the surface where you want to apply it. Keep it free from oil, dirt and grease. Otherwise, it will not make a good bond with the coating. You should only use it when you have prepared the surface properly.

Fifth, you should choose the right brand plasti dip for your car.


There are various brands available on the market. ​Some are good for vehicles, and some are good for home improvement. For that reason, you need to ​buy the right dip for the job.

Why Do You Need To Replace Plasti Dip?

As soon as you see it needs replacement, you need to apply a plasti dip layer again. The coating will protect your parts from an adverse environment. There are many materials in your vehicle that can be damaged.

Harmful UV rays can damage the metal parts. Also, the ice and rain can damage the car wheels. Therefore, you need to apply the plasti dip on the wheels. It will protect the wheel metals from ice and rain, ​especially in the winter. As a result, snow will never harm your wheel and metals.

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So, a perfect rubber coating can give your vehicle strong support. You do not need to invest much money to ​apply​ a ​rubber coating. ​You can apply it and forget about it for the next few years. So, it is ​excellent protection at low cost. 

Conclusions About Plasti Dip Longevity

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Now you know everything about the plasti dip. You can ​use our suggested ​method so that you can get a durable rubber coating. You need to use the right coating for spraying. Also, you need a good spray bottle if you buy a separate bottle.

Of course, it is important to apply plasti dip correctly to get a durable coating. Depending on the type, you can expect to get two to three years of coating durability. If you do not buy a good quality plasti dip, you may not expect durable coating. For that reason, you should consult with an expert to buy.

Some professional companies can also help you to apply plasti dip for long-lasting service. You can hire the experts so that they can handle the issue.

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