How to Care for a Car You Barely Use

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We all move through the world in different ways. Some of us have to drive hours daily just to get to work, while others can simply walk into their home offices. Not only that but some people live in rural areas and need a car everyday, while others can simply walk everywhere. If you find yourself not using your car very often, then you may find yourself out of luck down the road. There are certain things you should do to care for a car you barely use. 

Knowing When You Will Use Your Car is Key

Having an idea of when you use your car the most will help you keep better care of it down the line. Most people who don’t use their vehicles that often tend to be seasonal drivers. Meaning you don’t drive during certain months of the year because the weather is nice, or you prefer to stay off the road in bad weather conditions. For example, your convertible is not the best choice in the winter months.

Having the knowledge of how long your car will be in disuse will be helpful. For example, if you don’t drive you car for more than a few months, you will need to disconnect the battery to prevent corrosion. You will also need to thoroughly clean the exterior to prevent rust and other damage that simply happens over time.

Keeping it Clean

An important factor in keeping your unused vehicle in tip top shape is keeping it clean. The interior and the exterior should be kept free from all of the things that can damage a car sitting idle. Here are a few things you should tackle while cleaning your car:

  • Clean your windows 
  • Seats
  • Dashboard
  • Clear out storage compartments
  • Upholstery 
  • Wheel wells
  • Tires
  • Under wiper blades

Time and the elements can do a lot of damage to your car. Be certain to keep moisture and pests away from your car by checking it every so often. Especially after harsh weather. 

car you barely use

Make Sure it is Covered and Turn it ON

Making certain your engine is still firing up when you turn the key is incredibly important. This ensures that your car is still in good working order, and will be safe to take out on the road. That way you are not putting yourself or others in danger if you do decide to go for a drive. 

All things considered, you should keep your car covered. Both with a dust cover, as well as with your insurance. You may be wondering “Do I need car insurance on a car I rarely drive?” And the answer is yes. However, you can look into a discounted rate because you don’t use the vehicle as your primary mode of transportation. 

A cover will provide the necessary protection against the elements. Not to mention against kids parking their bikes, animals, or even trash cans and sports equipment. Whatever you can think of in your garage that can damage your car, a good cover can help protect it! 

Maintenance on Time

While most people keep track of their maintenance needs by mileage, if you don’t drive your car often, it needs to be done by time. That means if it has been six months since your last oil change, or your tires haven’t been rotated in years, you need to get that done. 

Usually owners manuals detail the appropriate timeline for regular maintenance. Maintaining the engine and essential parts like your tires is so important. For your safety and the safety of others on the road. Avoid accidents by keeping up with your maintenance times, even if you haven’t driven your car in a while. 

Now You Can Care for Your Car You Barely Use!

No matter how you get around, having a car that is cared for is important. Not only for your safety, but also for the longevity of your vehicle. Use this article to help care for the car you barely use, and you’ll be safe, happy, and have that car for a long time to come!

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