How to Get Rid Of Fleas in Your Car

Fleas are small insects that are mostly flightless. They are typically found in the house but they will sometimes find their way into your car and enjoy irritating you. Fleas mainly survive by feeding on blood. If you are fond of taking your pets in your car then it is possible that most fleas in your car come from your pets. However, you can find some fleas come from an infested car park or sometimes you might bring them to your car yourself.

Getting rid of fleas is a difficult task, but we are going to look at some ways that you can get rid of these annoying creatures. If you have children who go with you in the car, then this needs to be done as soon as possible. This is because fleas are troublesome to children because the scratch themselves a lot if fleas come into contact with their skin.

The first thing you need to do is to identify where the fleas are coming from, in order to eliminate the source. If it is your pet, then you need to clean your pet thoroughly. You should also not allow your pet to get in the car before it is completely free of the fleas.

You can get rid of the fleas in the following ways:

Steam Cleaning Or Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum cleaning or steam cleaning is one way to get rid of fleas in your car. First, you need to identify the severity of the infestation. Larger infestations cannot be handled using this method. If it is a small infestation, use a steamer if you have one. Fleas cannot survive temperatures above 95 degrees. Use temperatures that range between 120-170 degrees when steaming.

If using a vacuum, you first need to clean out your car. Remove every item in the car including carpets and pet bedding, and wash these with hot water. Once your car is empty, you should vacuum it. Start with the floorboards, the mats, and underneath the seats. Vacuum the trunk and behind the doors, too. Ensure that you do not leave out any part of your car including the seat pockets. Empty the dustpan into a dustbin. If the infestation is large then you need to look for more aggressive ways to get rid of the fleas.

Using Flea Sprays

Sprays are easily accessible in pest control shops. They are professionally made to get rid of fleas in the most effective way they can. Before using any sprays you need to find out if you are allergic to sprays and aerosols. The best sprays are the natural ones. This needs to be done at the earliest time possible to prevent fleas from spreading all over your car. All you need is to buy a good product and spray in every part of the car including under the seats and every part that the fleas might hide. After you have sprayed, close the doors of the car and leave it closed to avoid inhaling dangerous chemicals.

Using Flea Powders

This method should be best for people who are allergic to sprays and aerosols. Powders can be found in various types that are very effective when used properly. With the flea powder, you just need to spread the powder evenly throughout the car including the trunks, beneath the seats and in the pockets where the fleas might be hiding. This works effectively when the pests eat or inhale the powder. The powder dries out the oils in the fleas resulting in their death. Leave the car for one hour, then vacuum the remains of the powder. If you want to be free from fleas for longer, leave the powder for two hours.

A good powder will kill the pests along with their eggs and the larva. Choose the one that is the most natural one. For lasting results, you need to repeat this regularly.

Using Home Remedies

There are also some home remedies that can be used to get rid of these pests. They may work more slowly but they are worth a try. These are especially good if the infestation is small and has just been discovered.


Ordinary salt, you ask? Yes. Ordinary table salt can be used to get rid of fleas, just follow this process. Fleas cannot tolerate salt: they either die or jump to a safer place when they come in contact with it.

Salt every part of your the car, especially the parts that the fleas are likely to hide. This include under the seats, in the trunk, and in the seat pockets. Since the fleas might jump on places where there is no salt, you have to sprinkle salt on every part. If you are done sprinkling, vacuum the whole car.

Lemon Spray

Cut a small slice of lemon and add it to water, then bring the water to the boil. Leave it overnight, then put it a spray bottle. Spray every part of the car that is a potential hiding place for fleas. Take note that you do not soak, only dampen. If you have a car cover, you can also clean it.

Get Rid of Fleas in Your Car for GOOD!

Fleas can be very hard to eliminate completely, which is why you need to get rid of them regularly and ensure that any source of the fleas is also eliminated. For example, if the source is your pets but you enjoy taking them in your car, you should make sure that they are regularly shampooed.

You should also consider the type of infestation in your car so that you know the type of method you can use to get rid of them. The methods we have listed above are very effective, so choosing from them and using them correctly can give you great results.

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