Is Touchless Car Wash Better?

Wondering whether a touchless car wash is better for your car or not? Keep reading to find out more!

How Does a Touchless Car Wash Work?

A touchless car wash simply means it is an automated car wash without spinning brushes. All in all, there are pressure washers who are doing the washing and rinsing and not people.

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So whether your car is designed to be compact, or you’re rocking a big truck, it’s going to get cleaned without anything touching it besides water and cleaner!

All things considered, this type of car wash depends upon the following to get your car clean:

  • Pressured water jets
  • Strong car cleaning detergents
  • Motorized wheels, as well as rollers to move your vehicle
  • Only water and cleaning solutions touch the vehicle

As you pull up to the car washing area, you will be instructed to put your car onto the motorized tracks. Once your car is in neutral, it will then be pulled through the wash! There are even some touchless washes where you pull into a parking spot, and spray the vehicle with water and cleaning agents yourself! 

Once your vehicle is on the conveyer belt contraption, the high-powered water and detergents will then begin to spray your car! The water and cleaning detergents are sprayed in various positions to get the best angles to clean your car.

All in all, as you roll through the touchless wash, nothing will physically come into contact with your car. Except the water, of course!

How Long Does a Touchless Car Wash Take?

Overall, the length of a touchless car wash depends upon the various options you can choose from at the start of the car wash. You can choose a more powerful detergent, or a gentle rinse cycle.

However, a “normal” touchless wash can take anywhere from five to seven minutes! While a longer cycle may take a few more minutes.

Are Touchless Car Washes Bad for Your Car?

When it comes to knowing what is best for your car, only you can make that call. There are often risks involved with going through any type of automatic car wash, including a touchless car wash.

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With a standard automated car wash, you can risk losing side mirrors, windshield wipers, as well as license plates and more. This is because the soft cloth rollers and pressure washers can sometimes be a little less soft and a lot more machine.

The same goes for a touchless system. However, the touchless car wash won’t knock your side mirrors off, but it may still harm your vehicle. The powerful sprayers are just that, powerful. Not to mention the high-pressure washers may act up and become too forceful and scratch your paint.

All things considered, there are risks when you get your car washed by an automated system. Furthermore, you should keep that in mind if you’ve taken the time to paint your car yourself, or you may be concerned about damages.

What's Better Touch or Touchless Car Wash?

Overall, the care of your vehicle is entirely up to you. Whether you want to use a touchless car wash, as well as an automated system, or using bare hands to clean it, it is your decision.

However, most car washing businesses will have the best car wash soaps ready for your car to be cleaned now! If you’re scared to lose a side mirror to giant mechanical brushes, or you’re running low on time to do it by hand, then a touchless wash will be the best option for you!


What Does Touchless Car Wash Mean?

Touchless car wash means that your vehicle won’t physically be touched by human hands or by a machine. Overall, your car will only be “touched” by water and cleaning solutions. 

Do Manual Car Wash Brushes Scratch Paint?

Not all manual car wash brushes scratch paint on your car. However, anything can possibly damage your vehicle. Including high-powered water being sprayed at it. 

Is it Better to Hand Wash Your Car?

That completely depends upon your previous experience washing cars, as well as the materials you have on hand. If you don’t have the right soaps, or towels you can actually damage your car by washing it yourself! 

Do Touchless Car Washes Clean the Undercarriage?

There are touchless car washes that offer an undercarriage cleaning option.

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